4 Things This 20-Something Learned from Quitting Her Job Without a Plan

4 Things This 20-Something Learned from Quitting Her Job Without a Plan

Admit it, you’ve definitely thought about it. Whether you are in your dream career or just trying to make ends meet, everyone has thought about quitting. Meet Kat Boogard, she randomly quit her marketing job without a backup plan. But ultimately, she knew it would lead to something better.

Writing for ThriveGlobal, Kat Boogard just wasn’t satisfied with her 9-5 in a cubicle. So, she decided to ditch it and pursue her dreams of becoming a freelance writer. She’s now been published in Forbes, Time and the Every Girl. But she wasn’t exactly a success overnight – here are the 4 things this journey taught her.



1. You Don’t Need Approval from Others


Remembering the butterflies feeling of handing in her notice, Kat depicts her ex-boss’s face as she told him she was giving it all up. “His face said it all. Like so many others, he was confused as to why I would leave the comfort and security of a traditional, full-time job.”


This brings us to her first lesson. While she craved reassurance from her peers, instead she was faced with “Wait, you’re doing what?!” and a whole string of similar comments. But, she soon realized, that she alone was the person who needed to feel good about what she was doing.

Kat says, “Yes, we all naturally crave approval and reassurance from others every now and then. But, trust me, you don’t need it — at least not as much as you think you do.”



2. Scary = Exciting


Adrenaline and uncertainty are exciting, people jump from airplanes and watch horror films every day under the guise of fun. Kat says, “There’s a big part of being terrified that makes you want to run and cry — but the other piece is actually somewhat thrilling.” It was going against the grain that Kat found exciting, from not knowing how to pay her bills she got a thrill.

But after a while, it got pretty terrifying. When she first left her job, she had one major client lined up, but they ditched her a couple of months in. She says, “It was one of the most distressing, nauseating, and anxiety-inducing times in my life — but it was also the most exciting.”



3. You Never Know Until You Try


“I hate to sound like a cheesy, cliché high school commencement speech. But, this sentiment really does ring true. You have no idea what you’re capable of until you push yourself to try it,” says Kat. It wasn’t that she hated her office job, it just didn’t set her heart on fire.

She needed to chase fulfillment and passion. She says, “I’ve accomplished things that I never even thought were a possibility for me.” By changing her career, she changed her life. And, she thinks none of these positive changes would have come around if she had taken the safe route.



4. Your Career Doesn’t Define Who You Are


If you’ve ever been called “just a waitress”, then you know the struggle. But even though it’s what you do, it isn’t what you are. Kat says, “I felt the need to justify my decision and clarify every last detail until people were literally snoring in front of me.”

Kat says all of the pressure she was feeling to define herself was totally self-imposed. She says, “most people honestly didn’t care if I was a dog walker or the Dalai Lama.” All in, Kat says choosing to jump ship was one of the best decisions she’s ever made, despite her rocky start. She says, “So if you’re contemplating taking your own leap of faith anytime soon, I hope these lessons encourage you and help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.”



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