6 Simple Ways to Help You Become an Incredibly Successful Digital Nomad

6 Simple Ways to Help You Become an Incredibly Successful Digital Nomad

Did you know that you can hack work to make it easier to travel? It’s true! You don’t have to give up your career to travel the world. There are lots of people who are incredibly productive who work as digital nomads — unattached to any particular physical city. Here are all the things you need to know if you’re going to travel the world and be productive in your career.

Creating a Lifestyle


When you’re creating a career that allows you to travel, there’s more than just job flexibility involved. You may need to learn new skills.


Some of the most successful world travelers incorporate their travel into their work to create a lifestyle. They use skills like outsourcing, writing, photography, or digital marketing to smoothly integrate their work into their travel.


Being a digital nomad is about strategically building a lifestyle that makes work and travel fit together. This part might take you years to build up to, but it’s totally worth it if traveling is your passion.


Find Mentors


You can’t succeed in any type of career if you don’t have people to guide you.


So if you’re building a career as a digital nomad, it’s best to find people who can support you as you adapt your lifestyle to reach your goals.


Learning from the best will help you understand how to be more productive yourself.


Creating a support system to help you as you build this new aspect of career is essential to making it work in the long run.

Outsource Whenever Possible


Time is your most valuable resource. If you spend all your time working, you’ll never have any time to travel.


One of the key ways to be productive as you work as a digital nomad is to get comfortable outsourcing. There are lots of companies who use digital teams of people around the globe, so you should too!


Find tasks that you can easily hire a virtual assistant to complete for you. Other things – like customer service, website maintenance, and marketing – can also be outsourced easily.


The goal is to get the work done as productively as possible, not to get it all done just by yourself!


Set Goals


Like any type of project, engineering a life of travel and exploration requires a lot of baby steps. It will take you longer than a weekend to get a strong start!


Breaking down your bigger goals into smaller, more manageable goals will help you stay motivated and be more productive.


If a project or task feels too big by itself, always break it down into smaller goals.

Think Outside the Box


Everything in life is negotiable. Our workforce is changing, and many companies are becoming more flexible with their employees. Instead of assuming that your job is an all-or-nothing, be creative.


How would you restructure your job responsibilities for reduced hours? What do you bring to your company that’s valuable that you could still offer from the other side of the world?


Your employer might be more flexible than you think about offering you an alternative to how you usually work.


Even if you work reduced hours and have a reduced salary, the extra freedom to travel (and start a side-gig) are worth asking about!

Consult Your Friends


No one knows you better than your friends and family. Don’t overlook how their input might make being productive and pursuing your travel dreams possible.


If you want to take your career in a different direction or start a side hustle, go to your friends and family. They’ll not only help you figure out how to be successful, but they will be helpful in holding you accountable to your goals.


Friends and family will also be there to give you the support you need as your endeavors take you new places — literally!!



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