Man Who Makes $30K/Month Gives His Best Advice to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Man Who Makes $30K/Month Gives His Best Advice to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Chris Schwab is an entrepreneur who makes a whopping $30K per month. He and many others have found ways to build a successful business, be their own boss, and ditch the standard 9-to-5. Schwab found his niche in reinventing the way that local service-based businesses operate.

“I felt that I could basically take these dinosaur industries – in this case cleaning – and bring it to the modern day world,” says the 24-year-old entrepreneur. From launching his company Think Maids in 2016, Schwab has many secrets to share for budding entrepreneurs.



Don’t Copy Your Competition


A successful business never starts by copying someone else. Instead, entrepreneurs should scope out their competition and think of where those competitors might be failing. For Schwab’s cleaning company, this meant hiring cleaners that were on-time and friendly rather than experienced.

He noticed that his competition was overlooking how important friendliness and timeliness might be to some customers, so he focused on that. His successful business launch was due to the fact that he had something new to offer.


Keep Customers Happy


Starting a successful business means keeping each and every customer happy. Happy customers help businesses grow! To make customer satisfaction a priority, Schwab hired several virtual assistants to help respond to any inquiries from customers.


His goal was to respond to any customer interaction in no more than 10 minutes. This gives customers a positive experience and resolves any issues they have right away.

Additionally, Schwab makes sure to follow-up after a customer receives a service. His team makes notes on the feedback they get from customers so that they can make improvements.


Schwab understands that the overall success of his business will be stronger if he makes customers feel like they’re important and reaches out to show them that his company is committed to their happiness.


Delegating Tasks


To build a successful business takes a lot of time and energy. Once the business started to grow, Schwab knew he had to give up some of his daily responsibilities in order to focus on growth.


Schwab uses virtual assistants to handle about 85% of the daily business tasks. This frees up his time to take on the strategy that will continue building the success of Think Maids.

Start Small


Schwab’s experience proves that a successful business doesn’t have to be glamorous or expensive. “You literally can start an actual business with a couple hundred dollars,” says Schwab. “It may not be a big tech company, but I think local businesses are a great entry point.”


With the advancements in technology, it doesn’t take much to scale once your local successful business starts taking off. “Start with a local business — whether that’s painting or cleaning or handyman work, power washing, whatever it is – and build up from there,” recommends Schwab.


“You learn an amazing amount of skills that you may not in a tech company. I think there’s a lot of value in doing something boring and hard.”

Just Start!


Schwab’s story shows that you don’t need to have experience or a ton of capital to get started. A successful business has to start somewhere, so if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, stop waiting and just get started!



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