10 Cute & Funny Valentine’s Day Gifts That You Can Buy for less Than $10 on Amazon

10 Cute & Funny Valentine’s Day Gifts That You Can Buy for less Than $10 on Amazon

Looking for a funny, cute and thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift? Whether you need it for your pal, gal or a special someone – do it Cheap Genius style. Today, we’re giving you 10 amazing ideas that will cost you less than $10! Some of these gifts require just a bit of imagination and are fitted for both – friends & lovers.



A Cute Bag Accessory: Soft Fur Heart Pom Pom Keychain


Any chance a specific name popped into your head when you saw these pom poms? I definitely know a friend or two who would totally pull these off. They’re made out of faux fur, soft to touch and are great as phone, bag or keychain accessories.


Right now, you can buy these cuties for as little as $7.51.



50 Pcs of Message in a Bottle Capsules


Turn these into “love coupons” which can be redeemed when you’re together.


For example, write down “massage” on a piece of paper and put it in the red pill. Write “neck kisses” for the blue one (if it’s for your lover), and “movie night” for yellow. Use your imagination – it’s free & these pills cost just $1.29 + FREE shipping!

Me Without You


This charming gift will put a smile on anyone’s face (or even shed a tear)! It’s the New York Times bestseller which features “illustrations of scenarios that are simply incomplete without two.” It’s timeless – put it on a bookshelf as a reminder that you two make each other better.


Right now, you can buy a hardcover version for as little as $6.77 (usually $9.95).



Love Potion Mug


You could give this to anyone – your best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend or your favorite colleague as an “office mug.” Heck, buy this for yourself and enjoy a cup of love potion every morning!


Today’s price: $9.99 (usually $14!).

Grow a Girlfriend!


“It’s not pretend when you grow the perfect friend!” shouts out the packaging. Know someone who would find this funny? Or maybe someone who can’t find the “perfect girlfriend” because his/her expectations are just too high? Well, this one costs just $3.97 (usually $10).



Grow a Boyfriend!


Reversed situation, same funny joke. Except that it’s a bit cheaper than growing a girlfriend – $3.50 (I wonder why?).



11 out of 10 – Stranger Things Eleven Love Card


On a scale of one to ten… You’re an eleven! Cute, huh? If you’ve binged Stranger Things together – remind him/her of the good times with this brilliant card.


Get it today for $5!

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe Herbs and Rosewater


This amazing, surprisingly cheap gift will make your partner/friend smell like herbs and rosewater! It’s refreshing, hydrating and suitable for any skin type.


Today, you can buy it for only $7 and score free shipping on orders over $25.



Don’t Be a Prick Cactus Sticker


Looking for something casual to give your friend? How about a daily reminder to not be a prick? It’s funny, cheap and less cheesy than heart-shaped stickers!


Price: $3.50 (+shipping).



Maxam Heart Shaped Flask


Perfect for a love potion. Fill this heart-shaped flask with wine (or potion of choice), add a bag of cheese and you’ve got yourself the perfect gift!


Price: $8.79 + free shipping!



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