10 Genius Money Hacks That Will Save You Hundreds on Amazon

10 Genius Money Hacks That Will Save You Hundreds on Amazon

Love shopping on Amazon? Who doesn’t, right? Everything you need, from baby diapers to electronics – just one click away! It’s easy, fast, convenient and somehow VERY exciting. But is it possible to save while you spend? Absolutely! Today, we’re offering 10 sneaky Cheap Genius tricks that will save you hundreds.



1. Save on Diapers with Amazon Mom


Anyone who has a kid will agree that diaper money adds up way too fast. So, what’s the solution? Amazon Mom!


Using it will get you 20% off a diaper subscription plus a one-time 10% discount (up to 15% for Amazon Prime members) on select items from your baby registry 60 days before your childbirth due date.


Remember, every little counts, and you’ll notice some big savings in the long run!


2. Subscribe and Save


You’ll always need stuff like detergent or toilet paper, so stock up using Amazon’s Subscribe and Save feature.


How does it work? You basically sign up to receive automatic shipments of your chosen products and get free shipping and a discount (from 5% to 15%).


Now be smart. I’m not saying you should do this all the time. Some people sign up for Subscribe and Save, enjoy the free shipment + discounts and cancel the whole thing!


3. Get Amazon Student and Enjoy Six Months of Free Shipping


No one needs discounts as much as students do! That’s why Amazon offers an ‘Amazon Student’ membership which works like a half-priced Amazon Prime.


It gives you the very same awesome benefits as the regular Prime, plus a few special student offers and promotions.


Even better – you can get a six-month free trial of free shipping! The regular 30-day Prime trial is generous enough, but this one is a true game-changer for all the students out there!


All you need is a “.edu” email address or other legit verification of your enrollment status.


4. Get Commission from Amazon Associates


Ever heard of affiliate programs? If you own a small business or run a blog, you should totally take advantage of it.


“All you need to join is a Web site that does not violate intellectual property rights or promotes sexually explicit materials, violence, illegal activities, or discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age,” states Amazon.


But in simple words, you need to find a friend who enjoys shopping on Amazon and is willing to sign up. With Amazon Associates, you’ll earn an affiliate commission on their purchases. Easy money, right?


5. Save Hundreds with Amazon Prime


That’s a pretty obvious one, but still worth mentioning. If you shop on Amazon a lot, it’s basically essential to have Prime. Yes, it’s a bit pricey, but you’ll see saving results in no time.


An annual membership costs $99 and gets you free two-day shipping, an option to borrow from the Kindle library for free, stream videos, music and a ton of discounts plus extra benefits you wouldn’t normally get.


If in doubt, give it a try first! It’s completely free for 30 days.


6. Check Out Deal Tracker Sites


We always try to spread the news about awesome Amazon price drops, but you can also get automatic alerts at websites like CamelCamelCamel.com and TheTracktor.com. It shows you historical Amazon price data and notifies when a certain item reaches a preset amount.


You can create a wish list or click the option of “Save for Later” on your wanted items. Extra tip: leave your item in the cart and wait a few days. The price usually drops in order to encourage your purchase!

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7. Keep an Eye on Amazon Freebies


Yes, those actually exist. Sometimes, you can spot Amazon offers for free music downloads, free apps, e-books and free streaming video credits.


If you’re purchasing a movie, make sure to check if there’s an offer for additional free video streaming.



8. Think “Outside the Box”


Want some free Amazon gift cards? I know, it sounds a bit too good to be true, but you can seriously start shopping on Amazon for free.


How? Join a survey site! Just a few answered questions will soon turn into free Amazon gift cards.


For starters, try out these two: OpinionOutpost and Swagbucks. Then, check out this article we recently shared and double your money with a few more survey sites we proved to be 100% legit.


9. Save with Warehousedeals.com


Now think “open box”! Be an insider and check out what’s in Amazon’s warehouse. They offer a ton of great deals on quality used products that are either open-box or simply refurbished.



10. Know Where to Look for Massive Discounts


Outlet Department: You’d have to dig hard for this one, so we’re giving you a shortcut to Amazon’s Outlet Department – here you go. You’ll be impressed what kind of deals you can snag!


Deal of the Day: Every day brings a brand-new deal on Amazon, and you should totally keep your eye on those.


Lightning Deals: Note that these only last for a couple of hours per day, so you’ll have to be quick! You can find some “Lightning Deals” on Amazon’s Deal of the Day page.


Used items: Buying used items is both eco-friendly and many times cheaper. Sometimes, you can find a used item that’s still in perfect shape and costs way less. Students often buy their college books on Amazon and re-sell them on websites like Bookscouter.com.



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