These 2 Millennial CEOs Have One Piece of Advice That Will Make You Score Your Dream Job

These 2 Millennial CEOs Have One Piece of Advice That Will Make You Score Your Dream Job

In today’s current financial climate, it’s tricky to get noticed. Dream jobs at major companies can be hard to come by. This is where Jopwell comes in. The diversity platform is the missing link for connecting Black, Latino/Hispanic and Native American professionals and students to with top industry roles.

From Wall Street to Equality


CNBC talked to the millennial CEOs of Jopwell, Porter Braswell, and Ryan Williams. After leaving behind their Goldman Sachs careers in 2014, the two launched Jopwell. According to their website, their vision became “The leading career advancement platform for Black, Latino/Hispanic, and Native American students and professionals”.

Whilst working for Wall Street the pair “realized there was a considerable gap in connecting talented underrepresented minority candidates with businesses committed to creating a more diverse workforce.” The companies aim? To end the minority employment gap plaguing the U.S.


William says, “The moment Porter and I first left Wall Street…we started really tapping into the connections we made over our careers and in school.” Now, companies that advertise on the site are top industry names like American Express, Airbnb, Goldman Sachs, Facebook, Spotify, and Netflix. 60+ companies use Jopwell to advertise their job vacancies and pick up new talent.

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How Does It Work?


On the website, they say “Jopwell connects the best and brightest minority candidates with the top employment opportunities.” It’s free to sign up and users upload their resumes, personal interests, and skills. Then users can view and apply for job ads.


Account managers at Jopwell share personalized email recommendations. This helps users find awesome careers opportunities that would be perfect for them. Employers also have access to the resumes and can directly contact individuals that they are interested in.

How Can You Stand Out on Jopwell?


The CEOs offered some advice for 20-something job seekers. “The biggest thing a person can do is be proactive when it comes to owning their career,” Braswell says.

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He continues, “take the time to do some self-evaluation. It takes being proactive, and reaching out to platforms and mentors and putting yourself in the best position possible to meet opportunities”. Calling out the young, Braswell says “a lot of people in our generation don’t necessarily take the proactive approach.”


Go that extra mile and make the right connections. You have nothing to lose, but a whole lot to gain. Interested? You can read more on their digital magazine, The Well.



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