How This 23-Year Old Earns $60k a Month Working Remotely from Bali

How This 23-Year Old Earns $60k a Month Working Remotely from Bali

Meet this inspirational 23-year old woman. Sabrina Phillipp is a 6-figure business owner who works remotely from Bali. When she set out she had just $800 and a one-way plane ticket. But, within a year she has created a business empire which makes $60,000 every month.

An Alternative to The Corporate Grind


In an interview with Forbes, Sabrina says, “failure was not an option”. After growing up in Miami Beach, and majoring in political science and religion, she “believed that there had to be a viable alternative to the corporate grind.” She just needed to figure out exactly how to do it.

Deciding between becoming a travel blogger, joining the Peace Corps or becoming a law student she realized that none of these were paths she truly wanted. Deciding to wing-it in Bali, she got her first remote job writing social media posts of $12 an hour. In her first month, she’d made $5k doing this and other odd jobs.

Social Media to Business Consulting


She says, “My strategy was to build up my base of testimonials and referrals as quickly as possible, so I took free and low-paying jobs in exchange for testimonials.” She was able to leverage $1k contracts that quickly turned into $2.6k contracts, increasing her customer base and network at the same time.


All the while, Sabrina was telling herself that she was a six-figure business owner before she had the money. And it began to work. Sabrina’s social media management turned into  Sabrina Philipp Strategy + Consulting. By month 4, she was at $20k, “It’s not that I believe in “breaking the rules,” it’s that I believe that I can make my own.”

Her business gained rapid momentum and before she knew it, it had hit the 6-figure mark. She says, “You have to make your own luck. If you’re just starting out in your business, remember to think big and be strategic.” She attributes her success to hiring a business coach for a 6-week course. It seems that the $3,600 investment was a small price to pay.

Tips to Help Your Business


Sabrina’s offers up some advice to help other entrepreneurs like herself. She says, “any successful business should be intentional, manageable, and profitable. By success, I’m talking about a business that fills your bank account and your soul.”

Also, Sabrina says don’t be afraid to ask for help. “I look at asking for help as a sign that you’re ready for more: more money, more love, more freedom, more adventure.” And, while her positive mindset got her through any rough patches, she thinks “There will always be haters, but at the end of the day, the people who matter will support you.”


Looking to future, Sabrina claims “My business will cross the seven-figure mark next year, but I’m taking action to behave like a seven-figure business owner today.” Hopefully, her story will inspire you to start that side-gig you always wanted, or ditch your corporate job altogether!



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