How this 26-Year Old Funds Her Travels by Working All Over the World

How this 26-Year Old Funds Her Travels by Working All Over the World

The main thing that holds many of us back from traveling, including myself, is not having enough cash. But for Orla Corrigan, that’s no excuse. Instead of working a traditional 9-5, she picks up all kinds of different jobs wherever she finds herself traveling to.

Bucket List Worthy


The 26-year old is originally from Ireland, and she’s already visited 21 different countries. And, according to Insider, along the way she’s scored jobs as a promoter, event planner, TV extra, model, teacher, and more.


For her next career choice, she plans on becoming a professional travel blogger, at Travelorlabout.



How Did It All Start?


Corrigan grew up in her native Ireland in what she describes as “pretty much in the middle of nowhere.”

“I would say I lived a very sheltered life. Which I think gave me this push to want to see the bigger world and experience all these things,” she explains.


After graduating university, in 2011, with a degree in social care, Corrigan took a 3-month trip to Zakynthos, a Greek island. And on her second day, she’d already snagged as job promoting a beach bar restaurant. “Essentially, that’s what gave me the travel bug,” she says.


These days, she’s got a pretty lengthy resume and collected many stamps in her passport.

Working on the Road


To earn funds to satisfy her wanderlust Corrigan picks up all kinds of work while she’s on the road.


While living in Australia for 2 years, Corrigan used her degree to work with disabled children. But also made extra money from side-gigs like modeling, working as a TV extra and event planning.

Then, when she was living in London for 6 months, she worked as a fashion stylist for fashion brand Club Monaco. “That was super exciting because fashion was always something that I wanted to get into,” Corrigan says.


Since London, she’s figured out how to work as an au-pair abroad in Vienna, and then as a teacher in Thailand.



“When I do budget, I do go very cheap.”


Corrigan wouldn’t have been able to travel without learning how to handle her finances first. She says, “I spend pretty much all my money on travel, so over the years I’ve had to learn to budget quite well.”

However, Corrigan is happy to trade material possessions for new experiences. “Most girls my age would be buying lots of new clothes or lots of new makeup and that’s one thing I’ve found I really have to sacrifice,” she explains.



“Find new things”


Now, she’s starting her blog to inspire others to travel more, and it includes a bucket list longer than my arm. “I’m excited to start that because I feel like that might be my career, which I’ll eventually [stick to]” she says.


Corrigan is starting to grow an online following and offers up genius travel tips to her readers. But, ultimately, she wants to help others break out from there comfort zones and add to their own life experiences.

“I really try to find new things — things that are a little bit different, that aren’t just your typical kind of jobs, in order to really put myself out there.


I think once you’re ambitious enough, and you’re motivated enough, the opportunities come to you.”



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