5 Financial Steps That Will Make Your Life Easy (And Your Wallet Fat!)

5 Financial Steps That Will Make Your Life Easy (And Your Wallet Fat!)

You’re too busy to worry about finances. That’s why you’re here – to find tips on making your life easier. To make it worth your while, I’m listing tools that were designed to help you make sense of finances, save cash, boost your budget and even keep your New Year’s resolution!



1. Allow Blooom to Take Care of Your 401(k)!


Got a 401(k)? Great. That means you’re already on the right track. Now, let’s make sure that you’re not missing out on opportunities.


To get the best out of your 401(k), use Blooom.


This online tool will optimize, and manage your 401(k) in a simple, affordable way. You’ll be able to find out if you’re paying hidden fees and even if you have the appropriate amount invested in stocks versus bonds. Trust me, it’s as easy as these things can get.


Ready to ease your burden and make sense of your 401(k)? Click here to sign up.



2. Try Micro-Investing!


Doesn’t sound like your thing? Think again. Micro-investing is nothing like “big risk, big money” investing. It’s millennial-friendly, easy, and VERY exciting.


Count the money you’ve got in your wallet right now.


Whatever it is –  it’s enough to enter the investment world with Clink. This app will simply invest your cash into a diversified ETF portfolio and keep it growing every time you shop online or go out.


All you need to do is set a percentage of your bill that will be automatically added to your Clink account and invested in your stock portfolio. That’s it.


Want to grow your cash? Click here for Clink.



3. Meet Trim – Your Free Financial Assistant


No one has the time to keep track of their personal finances 24/7.  Especially when there’s no need – Trim is a tool that can do this for you! AND it will do it for free.


There’s nothing complicated about it. It’s a personal assistant that works through Facebook Messenger or your text messages.


Instead of paying hundreds for financial help, you can text your friend Trim and ask to cancel subscriptions, negotiate your Comcast (or another provider) bill down, or even track your spending habits.


For example, you might be worried that you spend too much on daily Starbucks. Simply ask the bot and it will tell you how to budget better!


Make your financial life easier – sign up today.



4. Save up to 95% on Medications


Tired of spending half of your hard-earned money on expensive medicine?


Blink Health can give you:


  • Low, guaranteed prices.
  • $5 off your first purchase at the checkout.
  • Discounts up to 95% on over 15,000 medications.


You can pay for medicine online or in the app. They will send you a Blink Card (which is your proof of service) via text and you can simply pick up items at the pharmacy. Show your card and pay NOTHING at the checkout!


No membership fees, no monthly payments – you can sign up right now and enjoy the cash you’re saving.



5. Get Paid to Get Fit!


This one will help you to keep your New Year’s resolution AND add some cash to your account.


I know, sticking to your workout promises is not an easy task, but when there’s money involved, we usually tend to keep our promises.


I’m not saying you should buy a gym membership and hope that “if I’ll pay, I’ll go.” Instead, you should GET PAID by HealthyWage for working out!


You’re basically betting on your own capabilities.


Here’s how you do it:


  • Enter here how much weight you’d like to lose (from 10 to 150 pounds)
  • How long it will take you (from 6 to 8 months)
  • How much you’d like to bet on achieving your goal (from $20 to $150/month).


If you’ll manage to keep your promise – HealthyWage will pay you VERY good cash (up to $10,000!!).


For details, click on this article and sign up!



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