5 Genius Uber Driver Hacks to Help You Make More Money

5 Genius Uber Driver Hacks to Help You Make More Money

Looking for a flexible side gig? Turn your car into a money-making machine! Uber offers a steady income, plus a lot of awesome benefits. You’ll be free to work whenever you have time and choose where you’d like to go. It’s fun, well-paid and always on demand.


These days, many people juggle between ridesharing apps, which helps them support families or save for something big. One smart fella, Gavin Escolar, even used it as a platform to kick-start his jewelry business! His impressive story shows that you can find big opportunities in a job that seems mundane from the first glance.


Interested to try it out? Today, we’re discussing what it’s like to be an Uber driver and how you can make the most money possible.


What You’ll Get from Uber Training


Journalist Emily Guendelsberger wrote about her “inside” experience in Philadelphia’s (now defunct) City Paper. According to her, training for UberX includes a 13-minute video on good service and what it takes to receive five-star ratings from passengers.


These were pretty basic tips. Open the rear door, stock up with a few extra phone chargers and offer cold bottled water for people. The video suggests that you should always look professional and even wear a tie when driving people around town.


Later on, Guendelsberger shared useful advice that’s based on her personal experience as an Uber driver.


Stay full on Snacks and Water


As an Uber driver, you’ll be “on the go” for hours, so make sure that you have everything that you might need.  Remember: good health should be your priority!


Guendelsberger suggests that you should always have snacks and water in your car – for you, not for passengers. Keep yourself full and hydrated. This way, you won’t get cranky and won’t have to waste your hard-earned money on takeout.



Plan Your Bathroom Stops


When nature calls, you have to go. Obviously, you won’t be able to ask your passenger “do you mind if I make a small stop?” You need to know every shortcut to the nearest bathroom when the ride is over and you desperately need to use a restroom.


This might be more difficult in downtown areas, but always try to find public bathrooms with free parking. Guendelsberger usually used Whole Foods and suburban Starbucks as her top bathroom spots around Philly, which offer free parking and unlocked restrooms.



Don’t follow the Crowd!


Most Uber drivers choose to work during rush hours and drive around “hot spots”. Busy Saturday night bars, stadiums, and train stations. That’s where people desperately need to get from point a to point B the easiest way possible. BUT, following the herd doesn’t always mean that you’ll get where you need!


Actually, Guendelsberger states that you can actually make more money by ignoring these so-called hot spots! When most drivers gather in the same place, Uber’s surge pricing (premium prices based on lack of drivers in the area) would decrease, which means they’ll earn less money for each ride.


Take Full Advantage of Surge Fares


If you’re driving around areas where many people request rides, be smart and take full advantage of Uber’s surge fares. Get savvy and log out of the driver app right before times when you can anticipate surge fares (for example, by the end of a game at the stadium).


When it comes to bar closing times, she found that in Philly, about 2:30 a.m. was the time for surge pricing. She suggests logging out around 1:50 a.m., waiting about 15 minutes and logging back in to take full advantage of surge fares.


This way, you’ll automatically reduce the number of Uber drivers in the area and speed up the fare rise. It will also help you to avoid missing out on surge pricing at, at let’s say 1:55 a.m.


Don’t Drive Around Too Long


I get it. You want to make as much money as possible with Uber. But driving around endlessly won’t do you any good. Instead, you’ll get tired, wear out your car and spend more than needed on gas. It is common to think that a far-away pickup will make you more money, but it’s usually exactly the opposite.


Think about it. The time you spend driving with an empty car to suburbs could be used to pick up a few passengers in the central area! There’s also the risk that your potential passenger will get too tired of waiting and cancel your ride altogether.


Use the Uber Passenger App


This very convenient app will help you to stay busy at all times. For example, Guendelsberger had a hard time getting ride requests at a stadium after a game. Seems weird, right? Well, that’s when the Uber Passenger App comes in handy. Apparently, she logged in and found herself surrounded by other drivers in the very same area. Right after she drove to the other side of the stadium, she got a notification for a ride request.


This app offers fast, updated information on surge fares, too. She found that the diver app is usually delayed for a minute or two.


Ready to start your Uber gig? Follow this link to sign up.



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