6 Apps That Will Help You Spend Less And Save More in 2018

6 Apps That Will Help You Spend Less And Save More in 2018

What’s your biggest financial regret this year? Bought 5 pairs of shoes? Used Uber so often, it felt like you have a personal driver? Or maybe it’s something way more serious than that? Whatever it is, you’re definitely not alone in this…


According to an annual study from GoBankingRates, 36% of people questioned admit that “not saving enough money” was their biggest regret in 2017. Second on the list – spending too much money on non-essentials, a.k.a. that fifth pair of shoes.


In 2018, we will help you to solve both of these problems with 6 easy-to-use apps that you can download for free right now!



1. Improve Your Credit Score


Now sit back, relax, download this app and check your credit score. Don’t stress about this too much, Credit Sesame will make your experience super easy.


Never heard about this service? It’s a free credit and debt management tool that shows your credit score, credit history, monthly payments, interest rates, and tells you which debts are in collections.

No fees, no trial periods – it’s as easy as finances can get! Click here to sign up.



2. Earn Cash Back for “Non-Essential” Purchases


I mean, define “non-essentials” … Can you really function without that morning latte? Without that stunning dress or those super fresh Nike sneakers? I know, your goal is saving “over the top,” but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself at least once in a while.


Especially if you’re earning while you spend! That’s right, you can do that with a cash back app called Dosh!


You’ll get paid for buying stuff at 100,000+ hotels, restaurants and online stores (including local stores and big-name brands like Nike, Marriot, Forever 21 and more).

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Simply download this app, connect your card and enjoy the money you’ll make! You get a $25 bonus for booking your first hotel and $5 when you connect your first card. Nice.



3. Motivate Yourself to Save More with Qapital


This free app will help you stay motivated throughout the year, track progress and celebrate success.


Qapital makes it seriously fun because you set a savings goals like “travel to Costa Rica”, or “pay off debt” and select rules based on particular actions


My favorite “rule” is called “round-up” and here’s how it works: let’s say you spend 45.35 on groceries. Qapital does the round-up and sends 65 cents to your savings account. I love it because it’s so painless and the numbers add up quicker than you’d think!


Qapital simply moves a designated amount of money from your bank account into your Qapital savings. It’s like a savings account, excluding minimum balances and fees. So, it’s way better than a savings account.

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Already feel a bit more motivated? Hold on to this feeling and sign up!



4. Invest What You Have in Your Pocket


You don’t have to be rich to invest. You can start with $5 and boost it through Stash! This micro-investing app welcomes beginners with open hands and guides them every step of the way.


You can choose portfolios you’d like to invest in. For example, the “American Innovators,” which supports tech companies (which are most likely to succeed!).


There is no signing up fee, and your first month of using is free. Later, you’ll only have to chip in $1 for a monthly membership, but Stash is totally worth more.

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5. Put Your Hard-Earned Dollars in Good Hands


No matter how old you are – now is the time to take care of your future. If you won’t, then this will be your biggest regret for many years to come!


For financial help with your 401(k), Blooom is the best place to go. You’ll get a report that tells what’s going well and what needs fixing. Maybe you’re paying too many fees? Maybe your stocks and bonds are not properly allocated for your age? Blooom will help you to make sense of it all.


Ready to put your money in good hands? Click here to sign up.

6. Declutter Your Home – Earn Extra Cash


Look around. I’m sure you’ve got plenty of stuff that you no longer need. Maybe an impulse purchase you regret, or those skinny jeans you were way too optimistic about.


It’s time to fatten your wallet by selling it all on Declutrr!


The company is 100% free to use – no listing, seller or shipping fees. And the best part you can sell just about anything on this platform! From old CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, video games to old hardware like cell phones, iPods and more.


Click here and get paid in cash within a day.



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