These 6 Companies Are Hiring Stay-At-Home Moms Back to the Workforce

These 6 Companies Are Hiring Stay-At-Home Moms Back to the Workforce

In 2010, 31% of highly qualified women left their jobs to become mothers. Being out of the workforce for an average of 2.7 years, only 40% were able to find full-time mainstream jobs once they wanted to return to work. But, to change the game, Path Forward, is working with tech companies to give mothers and other caregivers the jobs they deserve.

Paid “Returnships”


The companies include GoDaddy, Coursera, Instacart, Zendesk, Demandbase, and CloudFlare. Starting in October they will be offering “returnships”, for mid-career professionals.  These are for ex-caregivers who want to get back to the workforce after taking time off to care for a child, parent or other loved one.


This “returnship” offers much-needed programs, especially among women. According to, 9 out of 10 women want to resume their careers once their children reach school age.  There’s no reason why should they have to choose between a family and a career.

The Path Forward


The open positions will include engineering, data analytics, and marketing roles. If you are interested in one of these, sign up here. There will be 20-30 internships up for grabs for those wanting to return to work. As long as you meet the conditions – if you have previously worked for 5 years in a relevant field and have been outside of the workforce for 2+ years.


Path Forward’s executive director, Tami Forman says, “Through our program, we connect companies with awesome talent that often gets overlooked.” And, Landon Pearson of Demandbase claims the company is getting involved because they want to boost their female headcount. He says, ” I would love if we could hire every participant—that’s our goal.”

The non-profit has already launched return-to-work programs with PayPal, ReadyTalk and Return Path. 80% of interns were offered full-time employment with the same company they were interning at, too. And, 90% are now employed.


With figures likes these, Path Forward is seriously bridging the gap for those who want to return to work. Especially for women, who often have to accept lower levels and less pay once they return to the world of work. Pearson continues, “We want them to come in and contribute and really add to the horse power of the organization.”



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