7-Year-Old Saves $11K for College by Starting Recycling Business

7-Year-Old Saves $11K for College by Starting Recycling Business

While some kids are still struggling with the art of tying their shoelaces, 7-year-old Ryan Hickman has already amassed a mini fortune. By starting his own recycling company, he has managed to save $11,000 so far.

Working Hard for His Money


This precocious kid stumbled upon his profitable idea at the tender age of 3. He had visited a recycling center near his California home and told his dad shortly thereafter he was going to begin a recycling company.


He wanted to collect cans and bottles and thought it was a great business idea. It turns out he was right. But one of his main motivations was not earning the green, but being green by helping the planet.


During his time as the proprietor of his own recycling company, Hickman has gathered up more than 200,000 cans and bottles from his 50 customers. He’s been on the Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about his business.


Although his money is going into an account for college, Hickman has other plans for the money. Right now, he thinks it would be cool to buy something most 7-year-old boys would love to have – a garbage truck. His wouldn’t be the toy version though – he wants the real thing.


He can tell you already how much he could expect to pay for that piece of equipment too.



He Has a Charitable Heart


Hickman’s money-making efforts haven’t stopped with his recycling business. He also sells t-shirts that have the logo of his business on them. The money he makes from these t-shirts is donated to the Pacific Marine Mammal Center.


How You Can Be Like Hickman


If you want to be an entrepreneur like Hickman, you should imitate what he’s doing right. Here are some of the ways you can be like him when it comes to business.


  • Think big: While some people may have laughed at the prospect of a 7-year-old starting his own business, Hickman went full speed ahead with his big dream.


  • Find your motivation: Hickman’s motivation wasn’t the money. He wanted to help out the animals who were harmed when garbage entered the ocean. Maybe your motivation is money, and that’s okay. Getting rid of student loans or credit card debt is a powerful motivation. Stay focused on it if you decide that’s your goal.


  • Give back: The best, most beloved businesses are the ones who are concerned with more than just their bottom lines. Giving back can buy businesses a lot of good will and popularity with the public. Plus, it makes you feel good to be able to help yourself and the world at the same time.


  • Work hard: Hickman didn’t get to the point he is today by sitting around playing on the Wii. He’s been working hard, going to people’s houses and asking them if he can cart away their donations. You’ll never succeed at business if you aren’t willing to roll up your sleeves and start working hard.


  • Never stop looking ahead: A big success now, Hickman still isn’t done. He’s still thinking about his future and ways to expand his business.


If you want to find more motivation, check out our blog roll for other success stories. By applying these tips, you’ll be sure to be successful in whatever business you choose to pursue. Just remember, if a 7-year-old can do it, so can you. 


Watch Ryan’s adorable interview below.



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