How This 9-Year Old Girl Just Won $30,000 to Start Her First Business

How This 9-Year Old Girl Just Won $30,000 to Start Her First Business

Meet Charlotte Gould. She’s just 9-years old and has already created her first business, Stitches by Charlotte – which is the first ever line of dolls specifically made for kids undergoing medical procedures and surgeries. Charlotte is proving that the biggest ideas can come from the smallest entrepreneurs.

Creating Smiles One Stitch at a Time


According to Parade, the youngster just took home the grand prize of $10,000 from the ‘Imagine If, With Jif’ content, and raised another $20,000 from her Indiegogo campaign.


Charlotte’s mom, Nicole Gould, says of her first-place prize, “Our hearts are elated, our smiles are beaming. We’re ‘imagining’ a world filled with Charlotte’s dolls fulfilling their purpose of creating smiles one stitch at a time.”

Gould, who was born with a cleft lip, came up with the idea after she underwent several surgeries herself. She designs and makes each doll herself using her sewing machine at home.


Each doll comes with instructions for children to add their own surgical stitches to the doll, to resemble their own. Charlotte sewed the first doll as a likeness to herself, with a small scar on the doll’s upper lip.

According to the Stitches by Charlotte Indiegogo campaign, Charlotte received a ton of positive feedback for a making a doll with a facial difference. Then, requests poured in from kids nationwide who needed surgery…



Promoting Kindness, Curiosity, and Bravery


Jif kicked off the contest for child entrepreneurs last September. With the help of their parents, lots of kids shared their idea promoting kindness, curiosity, and bravery.


Alongside Charlotte, the top three was made up by Super Ewan, a 10-year old from Detroit who spends two days each month passing out food, water, clothing, toiletries and more to his homeless ‘super friends’. As well as 6-year old finalist Milo Flake. He is an avid podcast listener and book lover, who is currently working on the second season of his family-friendly podcast, This American Kid.

Both Ewan and Milo received $10,000 from the contest.  The youngsters used the money to create Indiegogo campaigns, in order to raise funds to expand their businesses. The contest was judged by actress Melissa Joan Hart, Indiegogo co-founder Slava Rubin, and blogger Jacqui Saldana.


Panelist Hart told Parade, “It’s so brilliant in this day and age to have something positive and heartwarming that gives kids a chance to think creatively about how we can help people and make the world a little bit of a nicer place.”



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