Amazon Is Paying You to Get Rid of Your Used Junk

Amazon Is Paying You to Get Rid of Your Used Junk

Let’s be honest: spending money by shopping on Amazon is inevitable. But there’s a way to make that shopping guilt-free! The secret: getting credit through Amazon’s Trade-In program. Instead of selling your stuff through a consignment shop, or eBay, or Craigslist, you can cut out the middle man! Unload the hassle of selling stuff yourself and use the Trade-In program instead to get credit exactly where you want it — Amazon!

What Can I Sell?


There are a lot of different types of products that are eligible for trade-in credit. You probably have multiple trade-in eligible items around your own home. Books, DVDs, video games, textbooks, cell phones, laptops, electronics — there are thousands of items that are eligible for the trade-in program.



How Does It Work?


You might have noticed that some product pages on Amazon’s website have a “trade in” button on the right-hand side. If you have a product with a trade in button, all you have to do is click! You’ll immediately see what Amazon’s highest offer would be.

Then, you can decide to trade in your item in exchange for credit. Amazon will send you pre-paid shipping information so that you can ship your item to them for free. Then, when your item arrives, they inspect its condition and make an adjustment to their offer if necessary. Finally, you’ll get a credit issued straight to your account to use on your next shopping spree. Score!

Get Amazon Credit Fast


You need to ship your item within a few days so that your pre-paid shipping doesn’t expire. Once you ship your item, it’ll take about a week for its condition to be appraised.


You’ll get an email notification when that process is complete. Most people receive a credit in their account within 7-10 days from when they ship their item(s). Then, you can use it right away. Let the shopping begin!


Cash In


If you have some items laying around your house that you don’t want anymore, it’s fast and easy to check how much you could trade them in for. You can score the most cash with textbooks, electronic devices, or gaming consoles. Even better news – there’s no limit to how often you can trade in your unwanted items. So get online and start trading in!