Apple Music is Giving You 3 Months of Free Streaming

Apple Music is Giving You 3 Months of Free Streaming

Sick of those Spotify ads while simultaneously refusing to pay for Premium? Yeah, me too. Well, don’t worry ‘cos I might just have a temporary fix for you. Apple Music is currently offering free 3-month trial memberships. I’d usually consider Apple the underdogs of the music streaming world, but in true Cheap Genius style, I’m willing to try anything if it’s free.

3 Months of Free Music


Apple Music has a huge selection of 40 million songs that you can listen to without any ads. According to DontWasteYourMoney, the service works whether you have WiFi or not so don’t worry about using up all your data. On the regular, Apple Music costs $9.99 per month, but with this deal, it’s absolutely free for 90 days.

All you need to do is open your Music library on your iPhone, click browse and you’ll see “Get 3 Months Free” appear at the top of your screen. If after 3 months, you don’t want to continue or it’s not in your budget simply opt out and never pay a penny.


Students can also score this deal, and after the 3 months period is over you’ll get a 50% discount if you want to continue. That’s just $4.99 per month. Apple Music also has similar features to Spotify like ready-made playlists and the ability to find new artists based on what you already listen to.

Make the Most of Apple Music


I’ve done a little research and found out some of the best uses for Apple Music, could it be better than our beloved yet expensive Spotify? Let’s find out. As you might be aware, initially, turning off Shuffle wasn’t a feature on Apple Music. But you can now rejoice, and listen to songs in the order that they were intended. They’ve added both a ‘shuffle’ button and a ‘repeat’ one.


Another awesome feature on Apple Music is song lyrics. When you open any song, just click the menu (those 3 dots in the bottom right-hand corner) and tap Lyrics. Whether you want to sing along when your home alone or settle any lyric misconceptions with your crew, this feature is sweet. We all have that one friend that always get the lyrics wrong, don’t we?

Once, you’ve downloaded playlists or albums to your phone library you can set any song to be your phone alarm. Every day, I wake up to Crystalized by The XX. It’s much more soothing than any shrill alarm I’ve ever heard.


I’m not a morning person, but now I start my day with a chilled tune instead of scrambling around with sleep in my eyes to shut off those awful beeps. And, once I get bored of The XX, Bonobo is next on my list.



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