This Beautiful Swiss Village Will Pay You $70,000 to Move There

This Beautiful Swiss Village Will Pay You $70,000 to Move There

If you’re anything like me, you’d probably jump at the chance to spend more of your time in nature. Think, fresh mountain air, lush green forests, and rolling hills. Does this sound like your dream lifestyle? If so, the Swiss village of Albinen has an amazing offer for you – as long as you fit the requirements!  

Pocket $70k and Move to Switzerland


According to TheLocal, on November 30, the village residents of Albinen will vote on a brand-new policy that will offer money to outsiders willing to join the small, but picturesque community.


The village currently has just 240 inhabitants. With numbers on the decline, the authorities have come up with this scheme to entice new residents to move to Albinen. Three families have left the village in the past year, and took with them 8 children, meaning that the village school has now closed.

The residents of the village called upon the authorities to do something to help save the future of the village. Their plan? Albinen is offering 25,000 francs ($25,453) per adult, and 10,000 francs ($10,181) per child to start a new life in the gorgeous Swiss village.



Too Good to Be True?


For a family of 4, that’s the amount of $71,268.

But, there are some certain conditions that you need to meet. Those eligible must be under 45-years of age and agree to live in the village for 10 years.


Also, the money you receive must be used to as a down payment for a house with the value of at least 200,000 francs. This house must act as your permanent residence, and not be a second home.

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Skiing, Hiking, and Culture


So, what else can Albinen offer? The German-speaking village is located in the region of Valais which borders Italy and France and offers great connections to skiing resorts in the Swiss Alps. And the alpine resort Leukerbad with its hot water springs is only a short distance away.


On top of that, Albinen is famous for being one of the best-preserved tradition mountain villages in Switzerland. You can find many paved stone alleys and streams across the village, and live next to houses that are hundreds of years old.

However, there aren’t many jobs in the village. But, the larger towns of Visp and Sion are just a 30-minute drive away. Tempted? I think it’s time to brush up on your German.



Want to live in the mountains?

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