Christmas Shopping Online: 6 Ways to Save Money and Earn Rewards!

Christmas Shopping Online: 6 Ways to Save Money and Earn Rewards!

Missed out on Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals? Have just a few last items to tick off your Christmas shopping list? Don’t worry, it’s easy to save when you’re shopping online. Heck, you can even get rewarded and actually EARN cash while you’re doing it. But, you need to know HOW! Read on to find out.



1. Earn Cash Back with Ibotta

You might have heard about Ibotta and its awesome cash back offers on groceries. It’s pretty cool –  all you need to do is snap a picture of your receipt and you get automatic refunds!


But did you know that Ibotta ca save you good cash when shopping online?


For example: 10% cash back from eBags, $10 from Stitch Fix or 6% from Backcountry. Plus, amazing offers from other big-name retailers like Gap, Kohl’s, Groupon, Target and more.


What you need to do is download Ibotta’s app, pick out your favorite retailers and shop through the portal. Once you’ll get that first rebate, you’ll score a $10 BONUS!


EXTRA TIP: Don’t have Amazon Prime? Sign up for a free 30-day trial before holidays. This way, you’ll be able to get those presents quicker, use free shipping and earn a $20 Amazon gift card via Ibotta!



2. Get Cash Back for Sales That You’ve Missed Dimitrov

You buy something online and the next week it goes on sale. Painful, isn’t it? Not when you’re using Paribus!


It’s an online service that tracks your purchases for lower prices and requests a refund whenever there’s a price drop.


For example, you’ve purchased something from Walmart (or any other shop on their list). Paribus tracks your item’s price and finds that it’s lower than what you’ve paid – instant refund!


The only thing you need to do – sign up and provide an email address where you keep your e-receipts. That’s how Paribus knows what you’re buying (don’t worry, it won’t go through your personal mail).



3. Stop Overpaying on Amazon

Prefer to do your Christmas shopping on Amazon? You can save loads on your purchases, especially if you’re using a few of these tricks. Or, if you’re using Trim, which is a perfect bot for finding price drops on Amazon.


Once you sign up, it will register your Amazon purchases and give you refunds for any price fluctuations.


For example, you bought a vacuum cleaner and its price dropped by $20. Trim will reimburse you! Think some stores owe you a refund?


Click here to sign up!



4. Score $10 for Free + 40% Cash Back

So, now you have Ibotta and Trim for cash backs. But maybe you’ll find a better deal for your item on Ebates? It’s definitely worth checking out because you get free $10 just for joining!


Even if your favorite retailer isn’t offering cash-backs, there’s still a chance that Ebates offers a coupon that you can apply.



5. Get Paid to Share Your Amazon History

Want to get paid just because you’re shopping on Amazon? Yep, that’s absolutely possible!


Shoptracker wants to know what you’re buying so bad, it can pay you $36 a year simply for sharing your Amazon purchase history. And don’t worry, all your personal information stays private.


The download process takes just 3 minutes (tops), and it’s absolutely free!



6. Get Rewarded for Doing Your Christmas Shopping Katalin Kondoros

Trust me, shopping is way more fun when you’re getting rewarded… With Drop, you automatically earn points every time you make a purchase with a participating retailer. Then, you can cash in those points at, let’s say, Amazon!


To sign up, use this link OR enter cheapgenius when prompted for a code. This way, you’ll get 1,000 points for free!



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