How This Couple Earns up to $1,500 Every Week Driving for Lyft

How This Couple Earns up to $1,500 Every Week Driving for Lyft

Meet Sam and Susen Meteer, they are a team of Lyft drivers operating in Sacramento, California. The couple drives around in their bright pink Dodge Ram and uses Lyft as their combined side-hustle. Between them, they can cash in on $1,500 on a good week!



Their Profitable Side-Hustle


Sam and Susen share the driving between the two of them, so one of them can be at home with the kids. Susen says, “It’s a little more sane that way.” On weekdays, she takes the day shift after she’s dropped the children at school.


Susen has a goal of making $100 every day, that’s $500 every week. She says, “If I start at 8 or 9 a.m., I might make that by 10. Or it might be 2 p.m.” She continues, “I go wherever it takes me throughout the day.”

Money isn’t the only advantage for the couple, the flexibility allows them to choose whenever they want to work. On top of that, they get to meet people they’d never usually talk to. “It’s an adventure for us,” Susen says. “It’s fun.”


And Sam says, “I pick up people that I would normally wouldn’t talk to during the day and we end up having amazing conversations.”



Cashing-In at Peak Times


On Friday and Saturday nights, Sam takes to the road to cash in on the party crowd. This is just their part-time gig though, Sam works as an elementary school teacher in the week. The sixth-grade teacher says, “On holidays and summers and special events, I hit it hard. I drive a lot.”


But they need Lyft to make ends meet. The couple makes anywhere from $800 to $1,500 every week. According to Sam, “The money ebbs and flows… But it keeps milk on the table.” Sometimes, with Lyft, Sam makes more than his salary as a teacher.


Before Lyft, Sam worked as a waiter for 15 years to supplement the family’s income. But it was Susen that discovered the side-hustle, and two-years ago Sam quit his waiting gig and joined her on the road. The couple drives around in their bright pink Dodge Ram and their Honda Odyssey van.

Want to Drive for Lyft?


If you are interested in becoming a Lyft driver like Sam and Susen, it’s worth knowing that Lyft drivers average an hourly pay of $25, though the website claims this can be as much as $35.


Lyft is massively expanding this year, and are looking for drivers in 100 more cities. Areas of expansion include the Southwest, Southeast, the Carolina, the Rockies, the Midwest, New England and Central California.


Maybe you’re curious to see how much you can make? Head on over to the Lyft website, and use the earnings calculator. You could also gain $100s in bonuses, too.


To become a Lyft driver, you’ll need to be 21 years or older with a clean U.S driver’s license. Your car will need to have 4 doors and be 2005 or newer. And, as long as you pass a background check and safety inspection you are good to go!



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