How This Dude Went from a Failing Pub Landlord to a Millionaire Nightclub Owner

How This Dude Went from a Failing Pub Landlord to a Millionaire Nightclub Owner

Are you an entrepreneur? If so, listen up ‘cos Maximillian White has a pretty impressive story. From being a pub landlord in his native England to buying up property in Europe – he now boasts millionaire status. That’s not all either – White’s latest venture involves turning Portugal’s Algarve into Europe’s next party destination.

From Humble Beginnings


Maximillian White hasn’t always lived such a luxurious lifestyle, but he’s always had an entrepreneur’s mind. He told Business Insider that he comes from a hard-working family that taught him his strong work ethic. He says, “If you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful.”

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The self-confessed workaholic started his first business as England’s youngest ever pub landlord. At 17, he bought the pub with money loaned from his dad.  But his first business didn’t exactly take off. The pub was in a rough part of town – a student area. And many that occupied the area were warned not to venture into local pubs and bars due to high crime rates.



Smart Investments


Since the pub days, he’s made a lot of money from various investments. One of the best moments of his career included becoming a shareholder in an online music store, Beatport.

White made a lot of money selling his shares in the music store and used the money to invest in property in Eastern Europe. His dad had connections there, and the investments paid off.



White’s Music Career


White’s not only an investor, he has his own record label, Defenders Ent., and works a music producer too. He used connections he met on the party circuit, running nightclubs and DJing, to further his career. His nightclubs are known for attracting big names like Rick Ross, French Montana and Tyga.

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He’s even written and produced a song that Drake sampled on his track ‘One Dance’. He says, “We were pioneers of funky house music. If you know 500 tunes, 400 were created by us.” In addition to this, he has plans to turn Portugal’s Algarve into the next Ibiza. It’s not exactly hard to see why White calls himself a workaholic.



Transforming Portugal’s Party Scene


For his latest mission, White says, “I want to educate people in daytime partying, something that’s not readily available there.” White chose Portugal because he doesn’t like to follow trends, equally there is no competition on the Algarve. Also, it’s far cheaper than places like Ibiza and Marbella – bringing in lots of potentials for it to become the next party destination.

He opened Blanco Beach Club this summer and it’s already proving popular with celebrities. Footballers and reality stars have been spotted partying at his resort and hip-hop star, Tyga headlined the club’s launch party this past July. He says, “In a nightclub, you have two hours to make money, between 10 and 12, in a beach club you’ve got 12-12 — that’s five times more.”



He’s A Family Man Too


The business mogul also describes himself as a family man. White has 4 kids, 1 girl, and 3 boys – 2 of which are twins. The family live in Dubai for most of the year but cool off in Marbella when the City of Gold gets too hot for them. He says, “The most important themes in my life have always been family, music, and boxing.”

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White and his family enjoy a luxury millionaire lifestyle too. White has a collection of fancy cars including a Porsche 918 Spyder, a Bugatti Veyron and a Rolls Royce. He can also be spotted charting helicopters to Formula One car races. And when he’s not using a helicopter he flies first class with Emirates.


But to afford his fast lifestyle, White only sleeps 4-5 hours per night and he describes a typical day as “wake up, work, work, work, gym”. He’s clearly not afraid of hard work though. He often posts photos of expensive items he buys, on Instagram for his 2 million followers to see. He has no shortage of Louboutins and bling.


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