The Dumpster Dog: This Woman Saved over $29k in Eight Months by Eating Her Co-Worker’s Leftovers

The Dumpster Dog: This Woman Saved over $29k in Eight Months by Eating Her Co-Worker’s Leftovers

We’ve recently found out that millennials are actually pretty good at saving, but it’s always smart to keep looking for new strategies and tips. For example, the blogger at Money Wizard says that you should consider saving off the top and some claim that the key is being single. As for Amanda Holden, well, she simply started eating her co-worker’s leftovers instead of buying food… Sounds a bit controversial? Well, like it or not – that’s how she saved over $29K!

The 32-year-old was fed up with her financing job (and could barely afford to feed herself!), but due to her poor finances, she wasn’t able to quit. Then, Amanda came up with this crazy plan to stop spending money on food altogether, and start eating her co-workers’ leftovers instead.



The Dumpster Dog


To make this work, she had to be honest and ask her colleagues to help.

“I told my close friends at work. I talked about it openly and most people embraced it. There were some times when I couldn’t find any scraps and I would have to buy food. I would never go hungry. It wasn’t about hurting myself, I was just doing everything I could,” Amanda shared her experience with Metro.


“If someone was going to eat half a pizza, I would ask them to toss it over.”

Some co-workers even called her the Dumpster Dog (today, that’s the name of her blog), but she couldn’t care less.


Amanda had bigger plans – she wanted to travel the world! In order to make her dream come true, she aimed to raise over $29,000, quit her boring job and hit the road.

“When I gave my boss my two weeks notice, he took a minute, then looked at me with a wonky eye and asked if that was why I was eating trash and why I was called the dumpster dog. He said he’d seen me pull a half eaten burrito from the trash.”


Not only did she start eating what her co-workers considered trash, Amanda tightened her budget and stopped having haircuts, canceled gym membership and quit buying coffee.

Giving Back To Women Like Her


Once she broke free, the 32-year-old traveled down Central America into South America, where she found her true passion in life – financial coaching. Now, Amanda blogs and owns a business in the US, where she’s teaching women financial planning.


“My goal is to make it funny. This is my way of giving back.”

Now, even though her method was pretty drastic, we can all agree that Amanda’s stubbornness is really something to admire! So, the question is  – how far would YOU go to make your dreams come true?


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