Are You an Early Riser? Here Are 14 Money Making Jobs for Morning People

Are You an Early Riser? Here Are 14 Money Making Jobs for Morning People

You all know the saying, “the early bird catches the worm”, but in this case – the worm is a sweet paycheck. While many of you probably flinched at this article – there are many benefits of getting up before dawn. You can wake up to birdsong and in most cases, have afternoons off. Sounds idyllic, right? Here is a list of 14 jobs perfect for all of you early risers out there.

1. Baker


Imagine getting to smell freshly baked bread every morning. Delicious. Often bakeries open pretty early, and many people will pick up a croissant or muffin on their way to work. If you are ready to greet them with a smile as soon as the bakery door opens, this could be a sweet gig for you and your early morning routine.


To get on this path it will help if you have experience in food service or baking. But if you are an entrepreneurial spirit, you could start your own baking gig. Start selling your tasty treats at Farmer’s markets and watch your business expand.

2. Barista


Rise and shine with a latte in your hand. Wake up bright and early and set to work serving coffee at a local café. Caffeine is a huge part of many people’s morning routines, so a barista gig might just be your calling.


You might need previous experience for some roles, but many coffee shops are willing to train the right person. And if you are happy as a clam at 5 am or 6 am, that’s definitely a job for you.



3. Pilot


With flights taking off at any time of the day, it’s a safe-bet that pilots wake up early. If you love to travel, this could be a great gig for you. You’ll get paid to see the world. There is a currently is a shortage of pilots as the qualifications are quite rigorous, but that means less competition too.

4. Flight Attendant


If becoming a pilot seems out of reach, you can become a flight attendant instead. With all the great travel perks, this could be a fantastic way to see the world. In this role, you’ll be keeping customers safe and serving food and drinks to them. Some airlines have different requirements. But generally, you need to be over 21 years old with a high school diploma or GED equivalent.



5. Airport Ticket Agent


If you are unable to travel around as much the previous two jobs, this more grounded role might be for you. You’d still get amazing travel perks and make the most of your early mornings. You can usually work at one airport making this a more stable gig if you have other commitments. This is definitely an early morning job as shifts can start at 4 am or even earlier.

6. Morning Radio DJ


If you are chipper enough to inspire others to start their day, why not become and radio DJ? In this gig, some listeners will actually wake up to your voice, and you’ll need to mix the right tunes to get everyone through the rush hour traffic.


It comes with perks too, as DJs often scoop up free tickets to shows and gigs. Most morning radio DJs start out on a small scale in a little community or college radio station, but this often leads to a paid position at a larger station.



7. Mail Carrier


Enjoy a brisk walk in the mornings? Then you should consider delivering people’s post. The post office workers start super early to get all of the mail organized and then start their rounds. Most shifts end in the early afternoon too, so the rest of the day is yours. To become a mail delivery person, you need to be 18+ and a U.S citizen or permanent resident.

8. Newspaper Delivery Person


If you’re looking for a more part-time role, this could be a sweet gig for you. The days of teens delivering newspapers are over and now it’s largely a job for adults who drive their routes. People like to read the daily paper while they are eating their breakfast, so it’s important to be an early starter.



9. Morning News Producer


If you have experience in broadcasting and are for passionate for breaking news you could become a news producer. You’d be running the show, managing the crew, director, reporters and field crew. Your other responsibilities include finding leads, communication and making sure the flow of the morning show is perfect.

10. Refuse and Recyclable Material Collector


Refuse and recyclable material collectors are another occupation that start their day at the crack of dawn. In this gig, you can either be a driver or a helper. To become a driver you’ll need a commercial license, and maybe some previous experience driving a large vehicle. It’s easier to become a helper though, as you’ll often learn the ropes of the job on your route.



11. Truck Driver


Most truck drivers start their shift bright and early to avoid the rush hour traffic, usually before 4 am. Again, you’ll need a commercial truck license, pass some medical exams and be able to safety maneuver a huge vehicle. You’ve seen Ice Road Truckers, right?

12. Supermarket Stocker


If you’re looking for a side-hustle to sustain to your college lifestyle, this early morning gig could work. Supermarkets need early morning staff to come in and stock the shelves long before they open the doors for their customers.


With the holiday season upon us, many supermarkets will be taking on seasonal staff to cope with the busy season. Get ready for some heavy lifting during your shift, as you get the supermarket organized and fully-stocked ready for the day of trade.



13. Farm Worker


If you love the countryside, you could consider working on a farm. Already awake before the rooster crows, farmers need to work the fields and barns as soon as the day breaks. This is a labor-intensive job though, expect to work hard and outdoors.


Lots of farmers will happily train new recruits who have a good attitude and work ethic. You could spend next spring and summer planting and tend to the harvest. And you’ll even get to drive a tractor.

14. Freelancer


When you become a freelancer, you have the opportunity to decide your own schedule. Become your own boss and start working at 4 am if you want to. Freelance writing is a great example of this, as long as you have the ability to meet deadlines.


If you work in a design field, you could do the same. Be ready to meet clients in the day, but why not meet them for their morning coffee to maximize your time? To both writing and design, a college degree or having published work can help hugely.


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