Fashion CEO Shares Difficulties of Starting Her Own Business and Finding Balance in Life

Fashion CEO Shares Difficulties of Starting Her Own Business and Finding Balance in Life

Your career is about the journey, not the destination. At least, that’s how Iva Pawling of Richer Poorer sees it. She’s a pro at transferring her most valuable skills from one job to another. Her career led her into her position as a fashion CEO, and her advice is sure to inspire anyone who wants to find their ideal life or start their own business.

Humble Beginnings


Like many others in the fashion industry, Pawling started as an intern. Her first job was in Kate Spade at NYC, where she interned before ending up in their public relations department.

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She says that her role allowed her to “see what all levels of publicity, from a gift guide placement to a three-page feature in Vanity Fair” looked like. This spurred her interest in PR, and taught her the skills she needed to make her next big move.

From NYC to Hawaii


Pawling left Kate Spade to go to a small PR agency in Hawaii. There, she helped get iconic events like Hawaii Fashion Week off the ground. She also gained exposure to working with dozens of luxury brands, which only strengthened her skills.

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However, Pawling had the urge to move on to something bigger and better. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her in one clear direction: starting her own company.



Life as a Business Owner


Pawling says, “I was really lucky to have worked for the companies I did before starting Richer Poorer.”

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She says that part of the reason she learned so much was from her tendency to ask questions. “I did my best to ask a lot of questions in all my roles to absorb as much knowledge as possible from people that had experience. I still do this today,” says Pawling.

Work-Life Balance


Even as a CEO, Pawling says that she has to prioritize balance. So she’s built a company that supports her vision.

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“Being rich from a monetary perspective is very different than being rich in life. We all strive for balance and felt like Richer Poorer communicated that well.” Pawling says working with people she loves makes it easy to put so much time and energy into her work.



Advice for Success


Pawling says that it’s not always as easy as it looks. “I had about eight years of experience in the fashion world when starting Richer Poorer, and I still have days where I feel as though there was a whole lot more I could have learned before starting the company, which would have saved me a lotĀ of sleepless nights.”

Her experience shows that starting a business isn’t always glamorous, but it can definitely be rewarding!



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