This Former Millionaire Has Been Living on a Desert Island for 20 Years and He’s Lovin’ It

This Former Millionaire Has Been Living on a Desert Island for 20 Years and He’s Lovin’ It

Even when everything seems to be falling apart, there’s always a way out. Like escaping to a desert island with only your dog for company. Sounds a bit drastic? Well, not if your multi-million business gets hit by a global financial crash. Add a failed relationship on top of that, and you’ll get a novel-worthy story. That’s what happened to David Glasheen, 73, who survived the crash of his life and moved to Restoration Island and never looked back. 

The Reason Behind


The former businessman and property magnate had his own gold-mining company in Papua New Guinea. Right before the 1987 stock exchange crash, David Glasheen was worth an estimated $28.4 million.


Suddenly, everything fell apart at once, creating the best scenario for a getaway. Shortly after the crash, his wife left him and David began doing some serious research to plan his full-on castaway.


In 1997, he moved to Restoration Island, a tiny landmass off North East Australia.


To this day, David lives in a shack with his dingo-cross, named Polly. He’s completely self-sufficient and couldn’t be happier about the decision he’s made.

Brian Cassey

“There is no routine, that’s what I love about it – every day is different. I do what I want to do, not what I have to do.”


Speaking on the 20th anniversary of his move, David said: “I want to die here – where else would I? This is my heaven on earth.”



Seeking for Human Contact


“When I came here I was sick of money – money is what makes people sick – and my marriage had broken apart.”


But David is not writing off the possibilities and importance of human contact.


“Being on your own you do miss intelligent conversation and the physical contact of other people. I would love to find a partner who wants to live with me here or a couple of ladies who want to come and visit a couple of times a year.”

Brian Cassey

In order to attract people, David runs some sort of ‘gift system’ for those who visit the island. He sure sounds like a potential client to try professional cuddling we’ve recently talked about… But it’s a fact that way more people should visit the island and see the beauty of it.


“My favorite thing about living here is the peace and enjoying nature – it is just a beautiful place in a remote part of the country most people do not know about. I just love it.”

The Dangers and Highlights of a Castaway Life


“The elements and wildlife are dangerous – if you do get in trouble here, you are pretty much dead. The saltwater crocodiles are beautiful animals – they are dangerous but I love them.”


“Here there are snakes, spiders, and crocodiles but it is safer here than lots of other parts of the world when you hear about terrorist attacks.”


“I have a lot of respect for the land – I am glad we never decided to develop the island because we would have destroyed it.

Brian Cassey

As history proves, humans can be a serious threat to both animals and each other, so it’s easy to get what he’s trying to say here.


Now, if you’re daydreaming that one day you’ll do what David did, then we have some awesome news for you – thanks to a generator and solar panels, he’s able to use the internet!


Once a year, he also ventures to Cairns to pick up essentials and sweets. David particularly likes Mars Bars and watching Britain’s Got Talent on Youtube. Now, we can all bet he sings along when no one is watching (which means always)!



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