FREE PIZZA! Papa John’s Are Giving Away Free Pizza Until 9/24

FREE PIZZA! Papa John’s Are Giving Away Free Pizza Until 9/24

If you aren’t already a member of Papa Rewards, you should sign up immediately! For the next month, you can score free pizzas, sides, and dessert! That’s right. Whether you treat yourself to The Works or a Spicy Italian, there ain’t nothing like free food delivered to straight your door! 

What’s the Deal?


Let Papa John’s sort you out, with this delicious deal. When you spend just $15 at Papa John’s Pizza on or before 9/15 you’ll earn 25 loyalty points. That’s enough for a free large pizza with 3 toppings of your choice!


Once you’re a Papa Rewards member, the points will appear in your account the next day and you’ll have until 9/24 to redeem them. That’s free pizza for days!

With Papa John’s being the official pizza sponsor of the NFL, all you need to do is enter the code GAMEDAY to receive your points. Usually, you’d get 1 point for every $5 you spend, but with this tasty deal, you’ll be pizza rich. And what tastes better than free food?


Remember to sign up with your email address, ‘cos you’ll get birthday pizza discounts too!

How to Spend Your Points


In times like this, why hasn’t somebody invented a pizza calculator? Well don’t worry, this is exactly what 25 points can get you.


You can spend the lot on a large with 3 toppings, or break it down into a two-course meal. Both, bread sides and desserts are 10 points, and a medium pizza is 15. So whether garlic knots float your boat or you have a bit a sweet tooth, this deal is bound to leave you and your wallet satisfied.



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