Get Cash Back For Every Sale You’ve Missed Out On

Get Cash Back For Every Sale You’ve Missed Out On

Stop deleting your emails! Did you know that it’s costing you serious money? With a tool called Paribus, you could be getting cash backs for price drops you’ve missed out on shopping online. The only thing you need to do – keep e-receipts and enjoy the money you’ll get. Read on and sign up for free today!


Here’s How It Works


You buy something online and the next week it goes on sale. Painful, right? Well, not if you’re using Paribus!


It’s an online service that tracks your purchases for lower prices and requests a refund whenever there’s a price drop. For example, if you’ve purchased something from retailers like Walmart, Target, Old Navy (or other shops on their list), Paribus will check the item’s price. If it’s lower than what you’ve paid – you score a refund!

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You won’t have to change a thing about your shopping habits. Paribus will take care of your finances by running quietly in the background. Just don’t forget about the main rule – you need to keep those e-receipts!


BONUS BENEFIT: If shipping takes too long, Paribus will also get request on your behalf to try to get you some cash back (up to a full shipping refund!).



Sign up and Get Your Cash Back!


You need to provide an email address where you receive online shopping receipts. Don’t worry, Paribus won’t go through your personal information!  It takes just a few minutes, and you can sign up right here.



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