Pictures Worth a Million Bucks: How This Personal Trainer Used Her Selfies to Grow a Fitness Empire

Pictures Worth a Million Bucks: How This Personal Trainer Used Her Selfies to Grow a Fitness Empire

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to become a success in the business world. Even without a technology background or a great idea for an invention, you can succeed. The key is often using social media to spread the word about your business and connect with potential clients.

Zoe Rodriguez was able to turn her love of fitness into a huge business that has earned her $1.5 million in its best year.


Rodriguez began her business when she was a junior in college after she got her first apartment. She was working part-time in addition to attending school so her mother offered to pay some of the rent.

Her idea was a simple one – she would create and market a fitness program any woman could use without having to cough up a lot of money. Her first ebook was on how to build up butt muscles.


After several months, she told her mom about the nest egg she had accumulated. Her mom didn’t believe her and asked for proof that she actually had that much money.


When she saw how much Rodriguez had earned from her ebooks, her mom asked her to consult a financial advisor to figure out how to handle her money.

How She Grew Her Business


A long-distance runner in college, Rodriguez became a fan of weightlifting. She was introduced to it when she was majoring in exercise science.


As she began changing her body through weightlifting, she kept putting pictures of herself on Instagram so her followers could see the transformation her body was going through.

Rodriguez has come a long way since her early business days. Now 25 years old, her online shop has 14 different fitness programs and coaching available to those who need a little extra help.


She has even branched out, opening a gym called ZBody Strength & Fitness in Jupiter, Florida.

Rodriguez believes her success has come partially from timing and the fact that she keeps her ebooks affordable at about $20 an ebook. Her books also include extras such as private YouTube videos that help people with their form.


Rodriguez said the fact that she joined Instagram before it became insanely popular helped her grow her business.


It’s not as easy for people who are just starting out, trying to promote their business on Instagram, she said.

The results of her efforts are hard to deny. Rodriguez has sales that run between $20,000 to $90,000 every month.


Instagram isn’t the only place Rodriguez promotes her business. She also does it on YouTube, where she is up to 30,000 subscribers. By monetizing her videos, she earns approximately $200 every month.

Rodriguez keeps her time focused on growing her business and not everyday little tasks that eat up so much time. She pays someone else to handle customer service from her website. That frees up about 10 hours of her time every week.


By remaining focused and on top of her game, Rodriguez should continue to do well in her business for as long as she wants.



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