Here’s How You Can Become A Temporary Tattoo Artist And Make $850/Day!

Here’s How You Can Become A Temporary Tattoo Artist And Make $850/Day!

Get your side hustle on working part-time as a temporary tattooer. Super popular with both children and adults, you could make a lot of dollar! Clients know it’s cheap and cheerful and they will often happily queue for your services. Bonus points: you can work at festivals or even set up at the beach!

If this potential side gig spikes your interest, let’s move into the two most popular types of temporary tattoos. Stick on Vs Air Brush. It’s better to stay away from Henna as it’s more time consuming and will take much longer to hone your skills, also you don’t wanna get mixed up in this.


Cereal Box Tattoos


Remember those stick-on tattoos that used to come in cereal boxes in the 90s? You can pick up these bad boys for less than 7 cents each, at wholesale sites like, this is a fantastic business model as the overheads are super low. All you need to apply these tattoos is a wet cloth, and a spray bottle and maybe some rubbing alcohol, that’s around $1 a bottle.

You could try this on your tipsy friends at the next festival/party you go to – they’d be so game. Think of it as testing the market! Another tip – put a deal on for multiple tattoos, that way you have the potential to bring in maximum cash from every customer, a few extra minutes for a few extra tattoos is totally worth it. Besides, nobody ever gets just one tattoo.

The Art Of The Air Brush


This one has pros and cons. But if you have decent start-up funds you’ll be able to make that cash later! It’s not very cheap to buy airbrushing equipment. It might set you back anywhere from $120 to $1,300 depending on where you shop and what brand you choose.

But, you can charge much more for this type of tattooing – and even large designs only take a matter of minutes. These also look more realistic and can last up to two weeks. You will need a little training, but trusty YouTube, has your back.

Earning Potential


Naturally, this is a seasonal job, with the spring and summer months bringing in customers – from tourists, festival go-ers, and beach dwellers. Air Brush will lead the way after you make the initial investment – but stick-on’s could be a great way to earn and save for an air brush kit!


Some figures from a tattoo forum report that one business averages $850/day when the weather is good, whilst others say it’s more unpredictable and they take anywhere from $50 – $700 per day.

A different business said they typically make $1,600 on a Saturday – but they employ extra air brush artists because there is so much demand. One other, even claimed he is grossing over $100,000 a year after working at his part-time business for 6 years. Sounds like temporary tattooing is where it’s at!


Is this your side-hustle your dream job? Check out this article if you want to get serious!



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