Here’s How You Can Score a FREE Trip to Disneyland!

Here’s How You Can Score a FREE Trip to Disneyland!

If all things Disney are your obsession, Cheap Genius has the perfect treat for you! The Disney Moms Panel are searching for their 2018 line-up. And, when you make the cut you’ll get a free trip to the magical kingdom itself. The search begins on 9/6 so brush up on your knowledge of Disneyland Parks!

A Free Trip to Disneyland?


If your inner child just squealed at the thought, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you know all the best grub at Tomorrowland or have some insane tips on how to navigate long lines with a crying toddler in tow, this is the gig for you.


Dads – don’t feel left out either, as all “trusted family members” are eligible. And, there are 28 spots on the panel up for grabs.

The Disney Parks Moms Panel launched in 2008 and is an online forum where anyone in the world can ask, and get insider advice on planning their next Disney trip.


Typical questions include from “What shouldn’t I miss at Disneyland with my 5-year-old?” to “Are the door frames of the cruise ship staterooms made of metal so we can hang magnets?”. If you know the answer and are armed ready with a chirpy reply – you should definitely apply. Also, there are a lot of puns in some of those answers, so get punny honey.


While this isn’t exactly paid, a free Disney trip (with up to 3 guests) is reward enough! As a panelist, you’ll work-from-home, and answer 10-20 questions per week about the park, cruise or vacation that you represent.

Not only that, you’ll get to meet all the other Disney enthusiasts at a training session later in the fall at Walt Disney World. You’ll probably make at least 10 new Mickey obsessed besties too!

Stand out from the Crowd


According to Real Simple, Disney chooses applicants based on their “extreme enthusiasm”, and knowledge about Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Disney Cruise Line or Disney Vacation Club. To qualify you’ll need to prove that you’ve been to a park in the last year or taken a Disney cruise or vacation in the past two.

It’s a plus if you speak French, Spanish or Portuguese. And, as you’ll be typing your answers, remember to proof read your application because perfect grammar and spelling are essential. The search begins at 12 pm E.T on September 6. So, get prepared and score yourself and your friends/family a complimentary Disney adventure!



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