Here’s How This Woman Will Travel the World for Free

Here’s How This Woman Will Travel the World for Free

Want to travel for free? You’ll need to be creative and VERY confident. Like Henna Rinnekangas, a 32-year-old blogger behind Whatta Wow World. Just a few days ago, she launched a service that will help her to meet new people, go on amazing adventures, and travel the world for free. 

“I Am the First Personal Travel Assistant in the World”


On January 8, Henna Rinnekangas published a YouTube video where she’s pitching the idea of “the first personal travel assistant in the world.”


She may not be the first one, but there’s a lot of truth in the fact that many people need assistance during travels. Some are disabled, afraid to travel alone, and others simply want to share their journey with someone else – someone like Henna.

“This Has Nothing to Do with That Kind of Service”


No, it’s not an escort service. Henna is solely targeting people who NEED her help in order to exceed their travel expectations (disabled, elderly, etc).


Here’s how she explains it: “You’ll pay for the trip and expenses – I’ll organize a travel itinerary and assist you in every way. But this has nothing to do with that kind of service.”

Rinnehangas is fully qualified for the job – she’s been traveling since 2011 and has already visited 40 countries (including Cuba, Fiji, and Iceland). What is more, she’s fluent in 4 languages – English, Finnish, German and Swedish.



“You Always Learn a Lot from Other People, Especially When Travelling with Them”


“I really enjoy traveling but also having good conversations with different people,” she told Travel and Leisure.


So, that’s basically her way of combining two. “I think you always learn a lot from other people, especially when traveling with them,” Henna added.

Since her service launched, she received a ton of inquiries and can’t wait to start browsing them through. Next on her agenda – a 10-week trip through Asia, passing through South Korea for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. Pretty impressive, right?



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