How These Ordinary 17-Year-Olds Became Successful Entrepreneurs by Selling Fidget Spinners

How These Ordinary 17-Year-Olds Became Successful Entrepreneurs by Selling Fidget Spinners

Cooper Weiss and Allan Maman are the perfect examples of the new generation entrepreneurship. By taking a risk, these 17-year-olds succeeded with something we all know as the stress-relieving toy – the Fidget Spinner.

Taking a Risk and Staying Innovative


It takes a sharp eye to know which business ideas and risks are worth taking, these two young entrepreneurs seem to know exactly what they’re doing.


Still in high school, Weiss and Maman believe that in order to build a fast-growing company, you need to value the unlimited power of social media. The first Instagram advertisement that Weiss and Maman paid for cost only $15, gaining the amount of nearly $2,000.00 in a 24 hour period.

Less than 2 months into their smashing success, Weiss and Maman noticed that the knock-offs of their original Fidget 360 formed a competitive market. These smart teenagers accepted the challenge by producing shell companies selling cheaply made knock-offs and staying at the top of their game.


Today, trough the fast-growing web of business-related connections, Weiss and Maman are officially selling their Fidget 360 in some large scale stores (including Walmart!).

Pursuing an Idea


When asked about their success, Weiss said, “Don’t be afraid to pursue an idea. We tried many different concepts before Fidget360 and we failed way more than we succeeded.”


The only, unusual problem for the new business owners, is the fact that they’re still in high-school.

Maman explains: “When Cooper and I first founded the company, we would work non-stop every day after school to at least midnight. We sacrificed parts of our social lives and our grades.”


“However, putting business over certain aspects of your life will end up paying off. If we slacked around in the seed stages of our company, we would have never reached this much success.”

Now consider the fact that Weiss and Maman recently got an offer to buy out their company for mid six figures.


And it doesn’t end with that – their famous customers include Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors and Harry Connick, Jr. Gerard Adams (founder of Elite Daily) who saw the potential and helped with the social visibility of their Fidget 360.

It’s easy to find excuses on why you’re too young or why you’re so short of time, but this success story might be the wake-up call you actually needed.



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