Hugs for Cash: Get $80 for One Hour of Professional Cuddling (Yes, It’s Legit)

Hugs for Cash: Get $80 for One Hour of Professional Cuddling (Yes, It’s Legit)

Cuddling strangers might sound kind of awkward, but for some people, it’s their actual job! If you’re feeling lonely, depressed or simply in need of an extra hug, professional cuddlers could help you feel better. There’s a legit company, called “Cuddlist“, which ensures the best service at an hourly rate. One session can go up to six hours, but you might feel sleepy after a while…

“Touch plays an important role in building social connections and most of us don’t get enough touch in our lives,” says the company.


In order to enjoy this luxury, you would have to pay $80 for a one-hour session. Pretty expensive, but cuddling with an actual professional might be worth the price.


“Cuddling feeds the skin hunger that we all have and allows you to begin your journey of personal growth and expansion,” says the professional cuddler and a human sexuality expert, Dieniz.

During these sessions, customers can decide what to do and how to structure the time. If you prefer your own private space, a professional can come over to your house. Usually, they bring tea candles, an aromatherapy oil diffuser, and music to create a soothing atmosphere.


It definitely sounds like the most relaxing profession in the world, but do you think you could do it too?



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