Here’s How These ‘Influencers’ Earn Money Using Fake Instagram Accounts

Here’s How These ‘Influencers’ Earn Money Using Fake Instagram Accounts

The term ‘Instagram Influencer’ just popped up, overnight, right? Think back to 2015, it was Instagram’s 5th Birthday and there were 400 million users at the time. Was this when your favorite app became such a huge business tool? Do you remember the days before sponsored ads? Before stories?



The best Instagram’s have a narrative, whether it’s art, travel or food. Hours are spent scrolling that feed. But in this modern day and age, Instagram is a career for many. Here, Mashable gave all the deets on how to become a fake influencer. They said, “Just fake it, and you could be taking in hundreds of dollars per week via brand deals.”

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This is the tale of Mediakix. A marketing company that connects influencers and brands. They created two fake influencers, in what you’d hope is an experiment. Meet Alexa (@calibeachgirl310) and Amanda (@wanderingggirl). They have a combined following of over 80k, and these fake accounts are snagging $100s in campaigns. Shook yet?

Cali model, Alexa Rae was paid by Mediakix to pose in photos for the Instagram account. And, shockingly, all of Amanda’s travel diary pictures are stock photos! When you search a little deeper, it becomes more obvious. Photo captions are vague and impersonal. And the comments often don’t make sense. Fake accounts, full of fake likes and comments. But why?

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Last month, both accounts were offered goodies and cash with a value of $100 by a protein drink company. Before that, Alexa was offered a $300 deal and Amanda scored one for $30. But, the campaigns were never completed – Mediakix wasn’t up for getting sued if the fakes got caught.

A quick google search ‘how to make a fake Instagram’ has a whole bounty of results. YouTube videos on how to make accounts with unlimited followers, and even how to create a fake IG girlfriend. Yup, this stuff is legit! This might seem like an easy money maker, but unsurprisingly, it’s actually against Instagram’s terms.



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