Instead of Scrolling Social Media 6min/Hour Use These 6 Money-Making Apps

Instead of Scrolling Social Media 6min/Hour Use These 6 Money-Making Apps

Millennials are constantly judged for spending too much time on their phones. “They” say that we’re wasting time. And it doesn’t even matter what we’re doing – stalking our exes or making cash through an app. But you know what? Research says that we’re not even spending THAT much time on social media. Plus, if we can make a ton of cash while we’re at it, then really – who cares?!



How Much Time Do We Actually Spend on Social Media?


Instagram has finally revealed how much time users actually spend on its app!


According to Bloomberg, people under 25 use the app only 32 minutes a day (that’s like 2 minutes per hour). And those over 25 usually end up scrolling for 24 minutes. Snapchat results were pretty similar – up to 30 minutes daily.


Unsurprisingly, Facebook is still winning the majority of our time with 40 minutes per day. Fun fact – that’s also the spot where the older generation prefers to hang out.

So, if you’re doing all of these things, then you’re wasting about 6min/hour on social media.


That’s not as bad as you thought, isn’t it?


Now imagine how much cash you could earn if you used money-making apps instead… An extra hundred every other month would be a legit excuse why you’re scrolling at the dinner table, right?



Here’s How You Can Boost Your Budget with Free Apps


1. Decluttr: Sell Stuff You No Longer Use


Got some old CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and video games? Use your social media time to sell stuff on Decluttr.


It’s really easy and 100% free to use (no shipping or seller fees!). You scan your item’s barcode, and check the price Decluttr is willing to pay.


You’d be literally getting paid to clean your home. NEAT!

2. Ibotta: Score Cash Back for Groceries


Did some grocery shopping? Take a picture of your receipt. That’s how you’ll score free cash!


Here’s how this money hack works:


  • Sign up for Ibotta (it takes just a few minutes)
  • Go through cash-back offers in your area and memorize offers that you’ll be able to use the next time you’re shopping (remember – they change every week!).
  • Once you’ve hit $20 in earnings, you can cash out payments via PayPal or Venmo.


That’s it! Click here to start.

3. Ipsos i-Say: Share Your Opinion for Cash


Instead of announcing your opinion on politics/that new brand of noodles on Twitter or Facebook, share it with Ipsos for cash (at least you know they care).


Answer questions for 30 minutes and earn about $5. Do that for one month and earn $100 by the end of this month. Pretty cool, right?


Click here to sign up. Dollars are so much better than likes!



4. InboxDollars: Get Paid to Watch Short Videos


How much time do you spend watching kitten/puppy videos? 10 minutes? 30? Maybe even more?


Now, don’t get me wrong (I would never call it a “waste of time”!), but you could use AT LEAST half of that time to watch videos that would earn you extra cash.

One of our favorite apps that can pay you for that, InboxDollars, will also give you $5 just for signing up!



5. Clink: Invest What You’ve Got in Your Pocket


Tempted to try micro-investing? That’s great. To make this experience as easy as it gets, you need to try Clink.


This app invests your spare money in a diversified ETF portfolio and keeps it growing risk-free.


Here’s what you need to do: Link your credit card and set a fixed percentage of your expense, which Clink will allocate to your savings. For example – 10% of the amount you’ll spend at the restaurant.


Or, set a fixed amount (let’s say $1) that you’d like Clink to transfer every day.


Want to try it out? Sign up here!

6. Qapital: Try the Easiest Way to Save Cash


Find saving difficult? All you need is a method that works for YOU. Something that isn’t painful. Something that you can easily do on your smartphone…


For example – Qapital app!


Download it and you’ll save hundreds in a year, without even realizing it. How? Qapital will round up your purchases to the nearest dollar and automatically transfer the difference into your savings account.


For example, you’re paying $3.50 for your daily coffee and 50 cent goes straight to your savings account. Nice, isn’t it?


Go get started and good luck!



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