It’s Easier Than You Think: 5 Ways to Make Money Online

Last updated Mar 01, 2022 | By Robert Wilson
It’s Easier Than You Think: 5 Ways to Make Money Online image

We could all use some extra cash, and instead of getting an extra job – why not make some money online instead? It’s actually not as hard as you think. Just by owning a laptop and reliable internet connection, you are ready to earn extra money from the comfort of your own home. Here are 5 awesome ways to make money online.

Sell Your Skills

Freelancing is a great way to make money online. If you’ve got a particular skill you can sell it on a variety of websites including, SimplyHired, and Upwork. From graphic design, songwriting, web design, to resume-making, people are willing to pay for your work.

Freelance writing is also a heavily sought-after skill. There are sites out there that will pay per word, per hour, or per article. If you’re dreaming of having your work in front of an audience this could be a great side-gig for you.

Trade and Invest Assets Online

There are many options for trading and investing online, but one of the easiest for beginners to learn is binary options trading. You’ll also have a higher potential to earn larger profits compared to other types of trading.

In binary options trading, you need to predict the rise or fall of your selected assets price within a period of time. Simply put, it’s like playing ‘higher or lower’ with a deck of cards. If you think the price of the asset will increase it’s called a ‘call’, and for a decrease a ‘put’. However, you shouldn’t treat it as a guessing game, do research about your chosen asset to help you make a smart decision.

Sell Your Knowledge

By becoming an online tutor, you can earn plenty of cash in your free time – usually, it’s paid by the hour. Generally, you’ll be helping high school and college students revise for exams or prep for SAT season. If you are particularly good in Science and Math, you can become an exam tutor. Lessons are usually through webcam services like Skype, so you can still work from home. Just be sure to work from a quiet, distraction-free place so you can give your students your undivided attention.

Sell Your Voice

If you’ve got a unique sounding voice, or a nice way of speaking, you might be able to sell your voice. By becoming a voice-over artist you’ll be narrating stories, chosen news articles, and more. Alongside your internet connection and laptop, you’ll need a room with great acoustics and some good recording equipment. Payment usually comes on a per-project basis, so make sure you charge an appropriate rate for the number of hours you’ll be working.

Sell Your Experiences

Starting and constantly maintaining a blog can be time-consuming, but the payoff is worth it for many. If you’re interested in becoming a blogger, pick a niche or topic that is close to your heart – something that you’ll constantly want to write about. If you love backpacking and hiking, start a travel blog for example.

Once you start reaching a number of readers, you’ll attract advertisers too. Then, it’s only a matter of time before you start earning money from your blog. You can also start affiliate marketing once your blog has gained a following, too. This is another great way to monetize your blog, as you’ll keep a percentage of every sale made through your site.