Make a Bet on Your New Year’s Resolution – Lose Weight to Gain Dollars!

Make a Bet on Your New Year’s Resolution – Lose Weight to Gain Dollars!

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Don’t pretend like you don’t have one. For example, I’ve been promising myself to get fit since 2009. And I’ve JUST opened a huge bag of potato chips (yes, my keyboard is full of crumbs). It just ain’t easy – gym statistics would back me up on this. But this year, we won’t stick to the good old “if I’ll pay for a membership, I’ll be motivated to go.” Nah, we’ll GET paid to get fit instead!! 



Keep Your Resolution with HealthyWage


You’re serious about this. You want to be more flexible, feel energized, and improve your overall health. Unfortunately, humans are weird and it takes more to motivate us (more than these obvious, amazing health benefits).


Usually, cash does the trick.


Make a bet with HealthyWage – a company that will pay you to get fit in 2018!

Here’s What You Need to Do


Enter how much weight you’d like to lose in its calculator (from 10 to 150 pounds), how long it will take you to lose it (from 6 to 18 months) and how much you dare to bet on achieving your goal (from $20 to $150/month).


Each month, you’ll have to keep your promise and pay the amount. But you won’t be paying for nothing! HealthyWage will provide all the necessary support through expert guidance and various weight-tracking tools.


The best part – if you’ll manage to lose the intended weight, HealthyWage will PAY YOU some VERY GOOD cash!


To start and end this challenge, you’ll need to record a weigh-in video and send them weekly progress updates. That’s to ensure that you’re not getting too extreme with your weight loss.

What Happens If You Don’t Reach the Goal?


Nothing too dramatic. Your money will be used to improve HealthyWage and reward those who succeeded…



How Much Can You Actually Win?


It depends on how much you’ll bet, but HealthyWage prize calculator shows that you can win up to $10,000 for reaching your goal. That’s something to sweat about…


Feel motivated yet? Sign up here and hit the gym!



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