Make Facebook Your New Side-Hustle with These 4 Money Making Tips

Make Facebook Your New Side-Hustle with These 4 Money Making Tips

You don’t need me to tell you that Facebook is the King of Social media. Full of memes, funny videos and all the best drama, FB is where it’s at. Like, if someone didn’t post about it on Facebook, did it really even happen? So, maybe you should stop wasting your time scrolling and start cashing in. You do spend a lot of time on that feed, after all.

According to SingleMomsIncome, these 4 money making ways will make Facebook your new side-hustle. One tip even describes how you can cash in on the older generation’s un-savvy ways!


1. FB Marketplace


Forget eBay, and open your Facebook app. This is a super easy way to sell your goods. Attract local buyers with amazing photos, and be ready to negotiate! In contrast to most of the larger selling platforms, it’s free to sell items and Facebook won’t take a cut of your profits.

2. Join Local Buying & Selling Groups


All cities and towns have these types of pages where you can post items that you are selling. Unlike the marketplace, these groups are more specific and it requires less scrolling to find what you want. So, it’s likely that your product will be easy to find – and sell quicker!


You also use these pages as free advertisement for any yard sales or flea markets you’ll be selling your goods at. Just be a little careful when meeting your buyers in person. It sounds so simple, but choose to meet in public, and if in doubt take a friend with you.

3. Help Set Up Facebook Business Pages


Don’t have items to sell? Offer up your services instead. Here is where you can make a little money from the Baby Boomers. What they don’t know is how simple it is to create a page – but by offering your master services you’ll help them and be richer for it.


For extra points, you can even make custom cover and profile photos for them. Our generation does know our way around Photoshop after all. For these impressive visuals, you can charge extra bucks too.

4. Manage Facebook Business Pages


After building the pages, you can manage them too. You can even call yourself a ‘social media manager’. This would generate consistent income, as many small business and entrepreneurs don’t have the time to look after their social media themselves.

Think about campaign ideas, post scheduling, engaging with your audience and sharing news. This side-gig is a flexible and easy way to bring in extra bucks. You already know how to use the platform – so why not milk it?



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