Meet the 7-Year-Old CEO Who Invented the Perfect Hair Bow

Meet the 7-Year-Old CEO Who Invented the Perfect Hair Bow

Entrepreneur kids make us hopeful about the future ahead. Remember that genius 8-year-old who started his very own egg business and became the most popular provider in town? Or Amiah, the 6-year-old who opened a lemonade stand to help her schoolmates to pay for lunch? We could continue the list, but there’s a new kid who’s shocking the business world – Gabrielle Goodwin, the 7-year-old CEO at GaBBY Bows!

A Market to Break Into


Along with her mom, Rozallyn, Gabrielle Goodwin simply wanted to solve the age-old problem of losing hair barrettes.


“I loved to style Gabby’s hair with pigtails, braids or twists. I’d secure the ends with barrettes, and she’d come home without them. The barrettes fell off and were lost, and I had to buy new ones every two weeks,” Gabby’s mom shared in an interview with Kiplinger.


Gabrielle kept asking her mom to create a bow that would stay in her hair, so the perfect duo started brainstorming and soon created something we now know as GaBBY Bows – the colorful double-face, double-snap barrettes.

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The Beginning of Sales


According to Gabrielle’s mom, they thought of selling this idea to a company and putting the money aside for college.


“I approached a major hair-accessory company, which considered our idea but declined,” she said. But after a few unsuccessful attempts, they decided to turn this into a family business and prepared design drawings and models to send to manufacturers for bids. The duo ended up with a manufacturer in Taiwan, which continues to help them grow this business, which they basically started from scratch.


Obviously, it didn’t take long before GaBBY Bows became a huge success, which resulted in online orders to all 50 states in the U.S. plus eight other countries.

The Little CEO


According to her mom, Gabby is the “self-proclaimed CEO and president” of GaBBY Bows.


“My husband and I made it clear to her that those titles aren’t just cute,” she said. Gabby is responsible for writing thank-you notes to online customers, barrette inspection, inventory, and filling out orders. She’s also the lead spokesperson at every trade show they attend.

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Sky’s The Limit!


The now 10-year-old CEO (she was 7 when they started), Gabrielle became one of three national finalists at the 2017 Black Enterprise Entrepreneur of the year  and won various awards including 2015 South Caroline Young Entrepreneur of the Year, 2016 SCORE and Sam’s Club Small Business Champion, 2015 SBA InnovativeHer Business Competition National Finalist, and 2016 SCORE Outstanding Diverse Business of the Year.


“My business taught me that when you dream big, your dreams can come true,” she says. To share her story with a bigger audience, the EntrepreneurKid released a children’s book called “Gabby Invents the Perfect Hair Bow”.

Together with her supportive mom, Gabrielle travels around the country to give speeches and inspire other kids to reach for the stars. Her story is definitely an inspiration for both – the little dreamers and adults alike!



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