Millennial Dream-Jobs: This Company Is Hiring Remote-Workers Right Now

Millennial Dream-Jobs: This Company Is Hiring Remote-Workers Right Now

Whether you call it work-from-home, remote, or digital nomad more and more under 30s are seeking the flexibility of these types of jobs. The traditional 9-5 schedule is getting looser, and many companies don’t even require their employees to be present at the office. So, if you want to call your sofa your new desk, or a beach in Bali like these digital nomads, keep reading for sort-after jobs that are readily accessible.

Work Remotely for Auth0


Auth0 is a company that provides business solutions for other companies. They help employers and customers with identity-use needs for websites and other online platforms.


The company has 3 different headquarters across the globe, London, Seattle and Buenos Aires. Auth0 has employees working all over the world, currently in more than 30 countries. And, they are looking for more.


While the pay isn’t listed, it’ll vary depending on the location. But Auth0 is offering some serious benefits to its staff; all employees use the latest tech equipment like MacBook’s, have flexible schedules, and the choice to work from anywhere.

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If you are wishing for all the perks that come with an unconventional job, we’ve picked out our Top 3 gigs at Auth0. But, if these 3 aren’t for you, then head over to their jobs page because Auth0 has 27 remote roles that you can apply for, right now. They are seeking many roles, from account manager to tech engineer.


Not interested in Auth0? Well don’t worry, we’ve got more sweet work-from-home gigs for you, and even a remote position with a chocolate company.



Open Now: Our Top 3 Jobs at Auth0



1. Remote Creative Writer


To work as a Creative Writer at Auth0, your job role will include writing content pieces for marketing purposes, using the brand voice. You’ll write for Auth0’s website, blog, company products and more.


If you want to get your foot in the door, you’ll need to showcase previous content written in a variety of styles across print and digital media. You’ll also need to be down with working in a fast-paced environment, with an optimistic outlook.

Applicants that recreate company material to show their skills will be given special consideration. Think of it as a trial and a great way to get noticed if you aren’t that experienced.



2. Customer Success Manager


If you love to give great customer service, then why not apply for a role as a Customer Success Manager? Your tasks will involve driving customer engagement and building relationships.


To get this role, the ideal candidate will know their way around SaaS customer success, account or technical management. And, if you’ve got a good knowledge of using cloud, web, and mobile software, even better.

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3. Technical Writer


Tech-savvy and have a-way-with-words? Technical Writer at Auth0 could be the perfect role for you. As part of this gig, you’d be researching and writing about the latest technology. You’ll write blog posts, user documentation, tutorials, landing pages and even eBooks.


As a technical writer, you’ll also proof-read and edit other pieces and offer up mentoring to non-writer staff to help them improve.


Previous experience in software development and content writing is key to landing this role. It’d also be great if you have the ability to translate tech-jargon into a more user-friendly script.

These 3 jobs are just a few samples of what Auth0 have on offer, to see the full list click here.



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