This Is How Much Donald Trump’s 26-Year-Old Assistant Makes

This Is How Much Donald Trump’s 26-Year-Old Assistant Makes

For some millennials, the path to success can be long and difficult. Of course, loads of smart (and lucky) youngsters have proven that when it comes to career, age doesn’t matter anymore. Like those 17-year-olds, who jumped on the fidget spinner craze and became successful entrepreneurs while still in school. But working as the president’s assistant at the age of 26 – that’s really something else! We’re talking about Madeline Westerhout here, and wait till you find out how much she’s earning…

White House has recently released their salary data, and we just couldn’t wait to have a peek. To put it into perspective, the average worker between the ages of 25 and 34, makes about $50,232 a year. Westerhout makes $95,000 and considering her age, it’s a pretty hefty paycheck!

Compared to Previous Assistants


In today’s dollars, Madeline makes more than Obama’s first executive assistant, Katie Johnson and less than his second term assistant, Anita Decker Breckenridge.


In 2009, Johnson’s paycheck was known to be worth $75,000 (which would be $85,000 today) and in 2011, Breckenridge’s got paid an impressive amount of $103,000 (in today’s dollars).

Is this making you feel bad about your own salary? Well, consider the fact that it’s a super stressful job and it’s even hard to imagine how much they’ve worked to get there.

Westerhout’s Career


The political genius is originally from California and has gained a bachelor’s degree in political science at the College of Charleston. She has previous experience in working as an assistant to other Republican candidates, too. Madeline even took some time off from college in 2012, to be an intern for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign.

Poli Sci grads!

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As for being an assistant to President Donald Trump, Westerhout seems happy to play such an important part (well, it is pretty “huge”).


“I’ll be an eyewitness to history, which is pretty exciting,” she told The College of Charleston earlier this year. “It’s such an honor.”


So, try to use Madeline’s story as an inspiration to dream big and work extra hard. Because you’ll never know the limit of possibilities if you’ll never try!


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