Your New Side-Hustle: Make $16+/Hourly as a Delivery Driver for goPuff

Your New Side-Hustle: Make $16+/Hourly as a Delivery Driver for goPuff

If you’re looking for a new way to make some cash, I’ve got a new side hustle for you to try. This might just be the ultimate side gig for college students, as it’s super flexible, and you get to deliver happiness in the form of ice cream, Doritos, and beer.

Likewise, if you don’t have the people skills needed for Lyft or Uber you need to check out goPuff!



What’s goPuff?


goPuff is an awesome new delivery service, that delivers convenience store necessities to customers in 30 minutes or less. Unlike Postmates, goPuff has their own warehouses stocked full of binge-worthy treats that can be ordered 24/7. That means no restaurant or store visits and no melted ice cream.


The service is currently available in 24 U.S cities and will be rapidly expanding to more places. Delivery items include food, household items, tampons, vape supplies, pet food and even sex toys!

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How Much Money Can You Make?


At goPuff,  you get around $30 just for showing up to your shift.


The longer your shift, the larger the amount, topping at around $35. Then, you make a few dollars per delivery. The further you drive, the more you make.

Unlike Uber, customers can tip you via credit card or cash which adds a nice bonus to your paycheck. Credit card tips get added to your wage at the end of your shift, and you receive them on payday which is every Tuesday.


According to Glassdoor, delivery drivers for goPuff make an average of $16.43 per hour.



What’s it Like to Drive for goPuff?


As a driver, you wait at the office for orders to come in. Once an order has been packed you go out and make the delivery. Your phone connects to the goPuff website and the customer’s account. Then, you type their address into Google maps and off you go.

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I’d fully recommend making a sweet driving playlist that you can sing along to!


goPuff only make deliveries that are located within 30 minutes of the warehouse, so you’ll never need to waste gas driving to the other side of town for just one delivery. The company is usually super busy, so quite often operations staff will run new orders right out to your car.

Shifts are just as flexible as you are, too. You can work a traditional 8-hour shift, part-time, at night or during the day.


If you want to drive for goPuff, click here to sign up.



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