Magnetic Therapy Self-Heating Neck Massager Belt

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$17.79USD$7.65USD You save $10.14 (57%)
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$17.79USD $7.65USD


Tired of suffering from those never-ending neck pains and stiff muscles? Enjoy a soothing neck massage while watching TV, reading a book, or even working! A magnetic therapy self-heating massager belt can soothe meridians and collaterals by massaging acupoints in your neck with the heat spell of nanomaterial and embedded magnets.

It increases blood flow and naturally helps to relax muscles and reduce fatigue. It’s perfect for people who lead an active lifestyle, work in an office, or often find themselves suffering from neck pains.

It’s a natural, reliable and absolutely safe solution that can save you hundreds of dollars on professional massages!

How to use:

Step One: For best results, wipe the tourmaline function fabric with a wet cloth

Step Two: Place the fabric close to your body and fix it on the spot that needs physical therapy

Step Three: Appropriately adjust elasticity

Not suitable to use for:

Pregnant women, children, those who have fever, skin allergies or damaged skin, patients with acute soft tissue impairment, serious trauma, high blood pressure and any other disease.


Keep it in a dry, ventilated place, away from direct sunshine. Avoid ironing, clean the surface with a wet cloth and rub gently.

  • Material: Tourmalin
  • Sizes: M (18.90″ x 3.94″), L (20.08″ x 4.33″)

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