Rejection Made This Baker With Down Syndrome Open Her Own Cookie Shop & It’s A Major Success

Rejection Made This Baker With Down Syndrome Open Her Own Cookie Shop & It’s A Major Success

Collette Divitto is a creative baker and a successful entrepreneur. However, she also happens to be a 26-year-old who was born with Down Syndrome. The story of how she got there shows her optimism and determination, and is sure to inspire you!

Eager and Unemployed


After graduating from a LIFE program at Clemson University, Divitto says she spent three years looking for a job.


She had many successful interviews but still received rejections from companies who she felt did not want her because of her disability. To keep busy, she volunteered, but she still felt like something was missing.

In 2011, she developed a passion for baking. Meanwhile, Divitto came up with two original cookie recipes: the Amazing Cookie and the Healthy Breakfast Cookie.


She decided that instead of continuing to search for the right job, she would make her own! “I decided to focus on my cookie company since that’s what I always loved doing,” Divitto says. So she started selling cookies to make some money, and her company Collettey’s Cookies was born.

An Overnight Success


Divitto’s story of founding her own business as a baker was featured by a local CBS Station last November. The story was picked up nationwide, and Divitto found herself famous!

A bunch of orders are going out!!! 🍪

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Within 10 days, she had received orders for over 50,000 cookies. Plus, she had received 65,000 of support letters from people all over the world.


A local business lent Divitto kitchen space and tools so she could fulfill all the orders, and Divitto’s success has continued to grow ever since.

Reaching for More


Divitto’s success has been life-changing. She’s already hired two people with disabilities to work for her, and she plans to hire more. Her story has been the start of a global movement for people with disabilities. In moving from baker to boss, Divitto has proven that anyone with a dream is capable of success.

All ready for the Oscars Gifting Suite! 🍪❤️🍪

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In the future, Divitto hopes to open locations across the country to create more jobs for people with disabilities. She also wants to expand her business so her cookies can reach hungry customers from everywhere. With her determination, you’ll probably see Collettey’s Cookies coming to a store near you very soon!



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