Score Your Dream Job with These 5 Skills That Employers Are Looking For

Score Your Dream Job with These 5 Skills That Employers Are Looking For

Now that millennials are the main majority of America’s workforce, the game is changing. These days job hunting is strategic and your resume must stand out. Traditional qualities are a thing of the past. The young generation has greatly adapted to the current computer age, and in return, many new job roles have opened up. 

CheatSheet‘s research has proven that the following skill sets are sure to get you hired. Only you hold the potential to raising your salary. And, investing some time to learn these skills will have you reaping the rewards and it’ll be good for your bank account too.



1. Social Skills


If you’ve ever been on the end of an automated telephone call, you will know how cold and at times hilarious, these inhuman interactions can be. No one has managed to make a decent robot yet, and human interaction is impossible for a computer to mimic.

Until recently, social skills were often overlooked and even seen as a drawback by employers. But, now employers want to see personality. Whether you work in customer service or lead a team, having easy-going and communicative employees is a huge investment for any company.

2. Industry Related Programs


Right now, all the job ads are for techies. If you have an IT based career in mind, it’s best to give yourself the edge by being program-lingual. Just knowing how to use Microsoft Office won’t cut it these days. Here, CheatSheet offers up the 7 top programs to snag you a computer job.

3. Development


Next, we have development – by honing your IT skills you are well on the road to becoming a software or web developer. This skill set is highly sort-after and highly paid by many large companies. This new wave of developer jobs is integral to the quickly evolving web, and all the new online companies that make money this way.

4. Design


Budding designers out there, you are just as hot as developers. Every industry needs you. From graphics to software, fashion and auto motives. Like artists, designers make life colorful and interesting, but this skill set is in turn rewarded with a pretty high salary. Get up close and personal with Adobe suite to maximize potential.

5. Information Security


Just like in the 90s movies, lots of companies in 2017 are still vulnerable to hacking. This opens the door for information security professionals. Data is valuable, and it needs protection. The opportunity to learn these skills has great potential and even the smallest websites have security guidelines in place.



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