Side-Gig Alert! Earn Money Using Google with These 6 Work-at-Home Tips

Side-Gig Alert! Earn Money Using Google with These 6 Work-at-Home Tips

You use it constantly. But, did you know there are some surprisingly easy ways to make money using Google? All you need to do is have a little finesse and strategy and you’ll be bringing in the bucks in no time. RealWaysToEarnMoneyOnline shared these 6 tips on how to generate income from your favorite search engine.

1. Search Engine Evaluator


Usually, in the mobile world, companies need people to test out new apps, games, and websites etc. These types of jobs evaluate web sites, web pages and sometimes ads. Paying around $12 an hour – it can be pretty cool for if you end up just watching films.


Companies that offer these remote jobs include Leapforce, Lionbridge, Appen, and iSoftStone. Google outsources work to the first two companies as well. While this might not be reliable as your sole income, it can definitely work as a well-paid side-gig. Habur

2. Adsense


You’ve all heard the word, but what exactly is it? This is Google’s click-per-cost advertising scheme. Anyone who has a website or blog and wants to run ads can do so – by displaying ads, you’ll make money and so will Google.


Your website/blog/youtube will need over 10,000 hits to qualify for Adsense, so having patience is key with this. It might take time, but after a while, your passive income will rack up without you actually having to do anything!

3. Google Opinion Rewards


Get paid to be smug. Take your opinions away from Facebook and put them onto this app – Google Opinion Rewards. Available on the Google Play Store, it allows you to answer surveys. You’ll get a notification when surveys are ready and you’ll get store credit for your trouble.


You can earn up to $1 for every survey. Survey topics range from your favorite type of dog to product reviews. While this isn’t exactly generating income, it can be a great saving. Spend your credit on movies, games, and apps, and simultaneously save your hard earned cash.

4. Sell Books on Google Play


Any budding writers or coaches out there – this one’s for you. Forget the library, it’s all about e-books. All you need to do is join Google Books Partner Program and upload your e-book. Whether you are writing a novel or a how-to-guide, this is a great platform.


You can sign up here, however right now they aren’t accepting new authors, but new sign-ups should be available shortly, so keep checking back. Just choose your price per download, and the money will start to roll in.

5. Sell Apps on Google Play


Ok, this might not be for everyone – but all you techies out there, listen up! If you are making apps this could be the Google-gig for you. All you need to do is sign up for a Google Wallet Merchant Account – that’s how you’ll get paid.


After setting up, publish your app and choose how much you want to sell it for, and voila. You could also use some Google Ads on your app too, to generate extra cash so your income isn’t limited to just app purchases.

6. Remote Career Work


Google usually have remote jobs in different sectors available. Check their jobs page, here. They often employ engineers or developers, but it’s definitely possible to score a job in operations or admin too. The best way to apply is to figure out their HR person, and follow up!


There are many tools out there in the Google world that you can use to bring in some extra income, whether it’s ads or opinions, there is money to be made. Not to mention, Google has been ranked by Fortune Magazine as the #1 company to work for 6 years in a row! Get googling, now!



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