Still Own These ’90s Toys? You Could Sell Them for More Than You’d Think!

Still Own These ’90s Toys? You Could Sell Them for More Than You’d Think!

Yup, we’re old enough to call our toys “vintage”. That’s harsh, but as full-grown, responsible (more or less) adults, we should totally stop whining and take advantage of this goldmine instead. Last week, we’ve shared an article on how you could cash in thousands on your old Barbie dolls. Today, we’re listing 15 more toys, which means 15 more reasons to go through every toy box you haven’t thrown away/donated yet!

1. Quints Dolls Special For 5 Playground Cycle Snowy Fun Outfits 1990 ($300)


If you still own an unpacked set of these, we kind of feel sorry for you. These tiny Quints Dolls would have been a real hit at any play date. Oh well, these pastel cuties are worth $300 today, which is definitely more than your parents/Santa Claus paid back in the ‘90s.



2. Set of 10 Super Rare Marilyn Monroe POGs ($1,250)


Calling it “super rare” is not an exaggeration if someone would pay $1,250 for these. Obviously, the beauty icon’s fans are pretty obsessed with just about anything Marilyn, so go ahead and sell these for someone who’ll praise you for such a “generous” price.


3. Girl Talk Date Line ($371)


“What a HUNK! Eyes to Die for!” reads the super ‘90s packaging. The discriminating guidelines say, “Just for Girls”, but other than that, it looks kinda fun. We can imagine this to be an epic game for a bachelorette/bachelor party.



4.  My Little Pony Greek Glory El Greco Unicorn ‘80s ($1,498)


These were a huge hit back in the 90’s and apparently, at least one of them is worth more than you’d think. It’s called the ‘Greek Glory El Greco Unicorn’ and if you still have one, congratulations.

5. Original Furby Black and White 1998 ($900)


Furbies were pretty expensive, so most of us got pretty jealous when a friend showed up with one. That’s possibly the reason why nostalgic adults wouldn’t mind paying $900 for an Original Black and White Furby.



6. Fairy Winkles ($240)


Fairy Winkles, they appear in a twinkle! Okay, it’s a pretty cute setup, but apparently, there’s also something so special, magical about it, that adults pay $240 to get one.


7. Early ’90s Samantha With Her Stunning Dresses, Accessories, and Books ($3,277)


This super posh doll is a real deal collectible item. No questions asked. It includes a fabulous statement hat, a stunning dress, accessories, and books, but we can all agree that its price tag is still the most impressive part…



8. Cherry Merry Muffin Dolls ($248)


Okay, with its puffy red cheeks, this Cherry Merry Muffin Doll is possibly the cutest on the list. Plus, it’s cherry scented!

9. Lego Town Paradisa Poolside Paradise 1992 ($679)


It kinda looks like the LEGO version of Aqua’s Barbie Girl music video set up. And apparently, there are some people out there who’d pay $679 to own it.



10. Rare 1997 Princess Diana Beanie Baby ($428,000)


The most expensive toy on the list, this rare Princess Diana Beanie Baby would make you $428,000 richer if you’d sell one. Not bad, huh?


11. 1985 Popples Pretty Bit Plush Purple Pink Doll ($260)


It’s so fluffy, you just want to cuddle it for days. But the box says, “They turn inside out to make you laugh!” and that’s a bit creepy to imagine… So, if you’re done laughing at the whole turning inside out thing, sell it for $260.



12. My Size Barbie 1992 ($225)


It might have been a real game-changer to own the “My Size Barbie” back in the ‘90s. And by the price of it, it still is.

13. Krystal Princess Doll ($248)


Treat someone’s pink obsession by selling your “vintage” Krystal Princess Doll for a whopping price. There’s still some fellas who need it so bad, they’d pay $248.



14. Mall Madness ($506)


We’re not sure how this talking shopping spree game works, but it should have seemed extra modern back in the day. Plus, it’s still worth a ton of money – $506 to be exact!


15. Polly Pocket Musical Dream Wedding 1995 ($500)


When it comes to rare, well-known toys, it’s always smart to keep them as a future investment. So, if you still have this Polly Pocket toy, consider selling it for $500 (or keep it ‘till it’s worth even more!).



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