The Man Who Became a Millionaire at 35 Says This is the Hardest Part of Getting Out of Debt

The Man Who Became a Millionaire at 35 Says This is the Hardest Part of Getting Out of Debt

Before he was a self-made millionaire, Scott Alan Turner says he was “a money moron.” That’s because back in 2000, at age 25, Turner was facing over $70,000 worth of debt with only bad financial habits. Over the next 10 years, he turned his act around and became a self-made millionaire.

The Mountain of Debt


Most people don’t rack up $70K in debt overnight. Turner’s debt was the result of multiple bad decisions. First, he got a credit card and started charging more than he was able to pay each month.


Then he bought a brand new Jeep — and later on a Porsche. On top of the cars, he also bought a house — with a mortgage that added $200K to his pile of debt. But today, he’s a millionaire. So how did he get from buried by debt to debt-free?

The Hardest Part


“The hardest part of getting out of debt is realizing that you’ve got these debts and you’ve got these payments and money is really being wasted,” says Turner. To get out of debt, you have to understand exactly how much that debt is holding you back.


Then, you have to recognize the bad habits that got you there in the first place. It’s that recognition — rather than the sacrifices of spending less and saving more — that’s the hardest part.

Mind Over Matter


From his own personal experience, Turner understands that it can be hard to define what’s really worth your money. There’s also a big shift between thinking of money as a tool for right now and thinking of money as a tool for the future.


“It’s a big switch from our consumption-oriented society,” he says. But as a 44-year-old early retiree, it’s clear that switching his money mindset to be more future-oriented paid off …┬áliterally!

Lessons Learned

No matter where you are in your debt journey, there’s always a chance for you to change your mindset and your habits. Self-made millionaire Turner recommends pausing before making any purchase to ask yourself whether it’s really necessary and if it will have a positive impact on your future.


He says, “No, let’s hit the brakes a little bit. Do I really want that? Is it really important to me?” While it takes some adjustment, asking those questions gets easier with time and will help build a future-focused money mindset.

Who knows? Maybe by asking yourself those questions, you’ll become a self-made millionaire like Turner faster than you ever expected!



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