These Creative Job Seekers Grabbed the Attention of Their Employers by Doing Something Awesome

These Creative Job Seekers Grabbed the Attention of Their Employers by Doing Something Awesome

It can feel downright impossible to get an employer to notice you – even if your resume is spectacular. That’s why some job seekers are thinking outside the box and using unusual tactics to get noticed during the application process. So does it actually work to get an employer’s attention? Possibly. Here are a few of the tricks to follow to get some positive attention during your job search.

Know Your Audience


A deep understanding and knowledge of the industry and company you want to break into will go a long way. If you want to get into creative marketing, for example, you’d want to find a way to show you can create unique, engaging content.


That’s what these two students from Brigham Young University’s AdLab did last fall. Each day for 30 days, they created art and content for a specific brand.

This allowed them to catch the attention of ad agencies and showcase their unique skills. The best part is that, for their industry, their project worked!


An expert in the marketing industry commented that job seekers “who have created small targeted Facebook campaigns, where they target people who work at a specific agency, [in the hopes of getting a] meeting with a specific person, that stands out a lot.”

Spend Time and Creativity, Not Money


One creative job seeker decided to post a Facebook ad targeted at people who worked at a particular firm. This stood out to one of the firm’s hiring managers, who said that they were impressed by the creative tactic!


“It’s very quick to make and cheap, but also shows their understanding of that social media platform and of media targeting.”

Without spending much money, they made a far bigger impact than they would have by just sending a resume. It’s important for job seekers to remember that agencies don’t want to see gimmicks.


If you take a creative approach, make sure it shows the agency the potential value you have as an employee. Anyone can order up donuts, so make sure that you don’t confuse creativity with an unoriginal bribe.

Show Your Personality


Most employers say that the most effective approaches are the ones that show personality. When job seekers create something that feels true to them and shows what they can bring, they naturally stand out from the competition.


“It has to feel authentic and like an accurate insight into that person’s personality,” said one hiring manager. A perfect example is Kurt Gassman. He made origami cranes to show off his creativity, which eventually landed him a job with Deutsch.

Tuesday Poliak is another job seeker who used her creativity to get noticed. She created fake wallets for the big-name directors at her company to land her first job.


The project showed her attention to detail as well as her imagination, which successfully caught the attention of the directors. Now, she’s the chief creative director of the firm!

Focus on the Company, Not Yourself


As a job seeker, it’s important to remember that the end goal is always to show an employer your potential value. The only way to do that effectively is to understand what the organization needs from its employees.


Sander Saar, who created a mock KickStarter page to get noticed, has some helpful advice. “You look for the company you want to work for, you do something small that adds value — whether it’s strategy, marketing, whatever area you want to go into — and then you present that.”



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