This Family Just Opened the World’s First Water Park for People with Disabilities and It Looks Seriously Awesome!

This Family Just Opened the World’s First Water Park for People with Disabilities and It Looks Seriously Awesome!

Gordon and Maggie Hartman know what it’s like to have a child with disabilities. Morgan, their daughter, has mental and physical disabilities. Now they’re making it so that no child, regardless of their disabilities, will have to be excluded from the fun at their new waterpark, Morgan’s Inspiration Island.

Since there were no waterparks that fully included people with disabilities, they decided to build one of their own. Now this family is showing people that they can still have a successful business model while respecting other people’s feelings and not excluding anyone from the fun.


Morgan’s Inspiration Island, which is part of the theme park called Morgan’s Wonderland, recently opened in San Antonio, Texas. It gives free admission to people with disabilities. A day at the park costs much less than other waterparks at $17 for adults and $11 for children.

To protect visitor’s wheelchairs from harm, the park has wheelchairs park visitors can use at no charge. They run on compressed air compared to the battery power most run on. Visitors can also use buggies and manual wheelchairs.


To make things more appealing for visitors with disabilities, the water isn’t as cold as it is in many parks. Plus, you can find a quiet spot to relax for people who get overstimulated by too much noise.

Unlike many waterparks, the Hartmans don’t want to try to pack in as many people as possible every day. Their goal isn’t high attendance – they want people to have a fun, enjoyable time without tripping over each other. For that reason, they limit the number of people allowed in the park at any given time.


But you don’t have to have special needs to enjoy the park – everyone can use it and enjoy it.

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Including everyone is important to the Hartmans, and their theme park called Morgan’s Wonderland is also fully accessible. That park opened in 2010 and it has become extremely popular, which showed them there was a need for parks that are all-inclusive.


Gordon Hartman designed the waterpark along with 23-year-old Morgan. They worked hard to get everything perfectly right to make sure anyone who walked through the doors had a fun time. They consulted doctors, special education teachers, therapists and those with disabilities when designing and building the park.

The finished product has an area called Rainbow Reef, which is a splash pad that uses warmed water. It also has Calypso Cove, which is another splash pad that features a big tree. Hang Ten Harbor is a splash pad that uses a surfer theme. Shipwreck Island, another splash pad featured at the park, has a pirate ship you can go on and a big bucket on top that dumps water.


The park also features a giant tree house called Harvey’s Hideaway Bay and River Boat Adventure ride.


It has been getting great reviews from people who have visited it. Its success may pave the way for more businessmen to see the benefit of trying to include everyone.


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