Tony Robbins Says You Can Improve Your Quality of Life if You Answer These 3 Questions

Tony Robbins Says You Can Improve Your Quality of Life if You Answer These 3 Questions

Let’s face it, there’s always something about your quality of life that could be better. Whether it’s stronger finances, a healthier body, or a more powerful career, there’s always something to improve. Author and entrepreneur Tony Robbins has been helping people reach success for years.

Most recently, he’s been featured on Oprah’s SuperSoul Sessions. He says that the key to achieving a better quality of life can come from answering these three questions:


1. What are you going to focus on?


Tony says that people tend to focus more on what’s missing from their lives. That kind of focus is only helpful when you want to make a change. Otherwise, it just drains your energy.


“How are you going to feel when you’re always focusing on what’s missing from your life? Awful!” says Tony. And that can make it even harder for you to get the energy you need to succeed.

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Tony recommends shifting your focus instead on what you can control about change. “We need to get laser focused on what it is we really want,” he explains. “Having a clear result or outcome and consistently focusing on it immediately changes your behavior.”


This is what ultimately gives you the momentum to reach your goals. So setting a clear goal, like saving more money or sticking to a budget, may be a better use of your energy than just focusing on a vague goal like getting rich. Having a clear goal will give you the focus you need to improve your quality of life.

2. What meaning are you going to give things?


Your mindset is a powerful tool in creating a positive quality of life. “The meaning you give events, interactions, and outcomes determine how you feel,” explains Tony.


“By creating a ladder of positive and empowering meanings, you effectively change the  direction of your life and provide yourself rational, proven reasons your success will continue.”


The most successful people are able to focus on the meaning of everything they do – from conversations to choices. It’s ultimately your mindset that will help you notice an improvement in your quality of life on your way to success.

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3. What are you going to do?


“Execution trumps knowledge every day of the week,” says Tony. What he means is that most people have the knowledge and resources to make a change, but end up not taking action.


If you’re inspired to make a change, it means you need to take action! Tony describes that to achieve this, he never makes a decision about something “without making myself do something in the moment that commits me to follow through.”

Everyone who wants to change, says Tony, needs to commit to some kind of action. The action you choose depends on your goal. If could be scheduling a meeting, making a call, or just telling a friend that you’re committing to a goal.


That way, you won’t have the chance to procrastinate or let distractions take over. Small actions over time will help you keep your momentum as you chase your goals.



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